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Pick An Article About Racial Profiling And Write A Summary.

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ACLU of Illinois Sues Justice Department and Homeland Security Officials over Failure to Release Racial Profiling DataAugust 13,2003The American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois asked a federal court to order the release of data that will help the public determine whether federal law enforcement agencies are engaged in racial profiling. On June 9,1999 the president then-President Bill Clinton, ordered "Fairness in Law Enforcement: Data Collection" which mandates collection of data regarding contacts between Law enforcement officials and members of the public. The request specified that it include but was not limitied toA. all ducuments relating or referring to official policies;B. all documents relating or referring to training materials;C. all forms provided to agents on which they are to gather data;D. all compilations of data; andE. all analyses of data.The lawsuit was filed in federal district court against the Justice Department and the new Department of Homeland Security. It seeks enforcement of the federal Freedom of Information Act, which compels government officials to disclose certain records to the public.This lawsuit questions whether the promises made by this act were in fact a real commitment or just a way to keep everyone "happy" for the time being.The lawsuit specifically seeks the data from the Justice Department about the operations of the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and from the newly created Department of Homeland Security about the operations of the Customs Service.This collection of data is considered to be a vital part in addressing the problem we have with racial profiling. By mandating this, supervisory personnel can efficiently ascertain if individual officers are targeting particular ethinic minority groups.The author gave a...

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Police and Racial Profiling Essay

2178 words - 9 pages police officers need to stop people they suspect of an offence [it is not the role of the police officer to decide guilt –that is a matter for the courts] to reduce the amount of crime offenders, but they need to be careful that they do not cross the fine line between racial profiling and suspicion. The purpose of this article is to inform readers that police discretion not only encompasses use of force, gratuities, or domestic violence responses, but

Stereotyping and Racial Profiling Essay

744 words - 3 pages these ideas about people who are members of groups with which we have not had firsthand contact. Stereotyping usually leads to unfair results, such as discrimination, racial profiling, and unnecessary violence, all behaviors which need to be stopped. A few years ago, while going on vacation, I witnessed one particular count of stereotyping as I passed through an airport. Part of the security procedure in the terminal was to take people

Prejudice and Racial Profiling

1032 words - 4 pages As I was thinking about the outline for this essay I asked myself if I was really a person to invoke a certain prejudice to certain types of people? And If I was, was it because I had personally acquired this sort of profiling through past experiences, or was it acquired through today’s popular media? Though I do not see myself as a hateful person, I have found that I do, unfairly, judge people by their age, sex and race. Racial profiling

An Argument Against Racial Profiling

1109 words - 4 pages is a clear example of stereotyping. When assumptions are based upon stereotypes they run a large risk of being entirely wrong, and racial profiling relies on stereotypes. In his article in the National Review, John Derbyshire says “Confronted with a snake or a fawn, our immediate behavior is determined by generalized beliefs - stereotypes - about snakes and fawns. “ (Derbyshire) This is only partially true. Empirical evidence tells us that

A summary and response to an article regarding pornography

1024 words - 4 pages Summary and Response"Why We Must Put Up with Porn" by Susan Isaacs The editorial "Why We Must Put Up with Porn" by Susan Isaacs is about pornography and the Constitution. The First Amendment states that we, as American citizens, have the freedom of speech. "To have the speech we love, we must defend the speech we hate," Isaacs voices.Isaacs states in her article, that there is no proof that pornography contributes to criminal behavior

Police Brutality and Racial Profiling

1078 words - 5 pages of dangers every day but brutality and profiling is not acceptable and should result in punishment. Police face many dangers like vehicle crashes even when outside of the pursuit. The American citizen should not believe TV shows like Cops because they only show the rarest of days for policemen and women everywhere. As a result some police officers resort to beating criminals and or innocent citizens to deal with the stress. Racial profiling is

An Argument Against Racial Profiling by Police

1117 words - 4 pages protocols that discourage profiling, and requiring the attorney general to make periodic reports assessing the nature of any ongoing discriminatory profiling practices” (Siddiqui). Conyers announced the legislation at a press conference and also spoke about the Trayvon Martin case, an unarmed teenager who was shot and killed by George Zimmerman due to racial profiling. Conyers stated “These individuals are denied the basic respect and equal treatment

An Argument Against Racial Profiling by Police

1612 words - 6 pages the criminal justice system just and fair. Although most police officers perform their duties with fairness, honor, and dedication, the few officers who portray to be biased then harm the whole justice system resulting in the general public stereotyping every law enforcement officer as a racial profiler (Fact Sheet Racial Profiling). When thinking about racial profiling many people automatically think it happens only to blacks but sadly this is

This essay is about racial profiling. I am comparing two different essays written by two authors and there views on racial profiling

540 words - 2 pages them and not everyone else. Chaves does not agree with Kahn on this point. She says because it's the Muslim people who keep committing these terrorist acts that it's ok to check them. Of course she also feels annoyed about the fact that she is sometimes singled out, but she on to say she felt safer knowing that the airline was doing its job. Both of these authors have seen incidents in which racial profiling has occurred; they have even been

A Personal Look at Racial Profiling

1541 words - 7 pages poster child or stereotype that a certain community has bestow upon them. weather its being lazy and a thug for the african american community or if its being an stuck up preppy white kid. All communities have a standard in which society believes they all live up to no matter what. There is a long line history and examples of racial profiling such as... The existence of racial profiling dates back to slavery. In 1693, Philadelphia’s court officials

Racial Profiling: A Loss of Mutual Respect

841 words - 4 pages another based on their appearance, their actions, or even where they may come from, it’s hard not to develop the same opinions. My frustration with this is that if we America, Home of the Free, then why are we constantly taking away peoples rights? An example of this is the stop and frisk law, racial profiling, and airport security policies. The stop and frisk law; The situation in which a police officer, suspicious of an individual, detains the

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