Picking The Health Care Industry And Making It Efficient

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 Introduction
The field of public health care has been a topic of utmost importance all over the world. Especially in the cases when any part of the world suffers from any kind of natural calamity like floods, earthquakes or outbreak of some dangerous and infectious disease. This is the one sector that needs major attention. Protecting the lives and improving the health standards of communities with the help of certain measures has been termed as the science behind the public health care. Scores of public sector as well as various non governmental organizations along with the hospitals and medical care centers work all over the world in this direction in order to bring awareness among people and improve their quality of life, thus making the entire world a healthy place. (Downs, 1998)
1. Purpose
The main aim of all the organizations that work in the direction of improving the public health care is to pick up the quality of health care by making it efficient and affordable for all the people. Apart from this, they work with dedication for introducing various safety measures in order to protect the people from any severe natural calamity.
2. Plan Maintenance
There are various special task forces who work with enthusiasm towards providing health care services to public in case of any natural disaster or lethal disease outbreak. Apart from the world health organization, most of the countries all over the world have these kind of special teams who work in this direction in order to take care of the civilians. They are given rigorous training and therefore fulfill all their tasks efficiently. (Gureje, 1998)
 How To Prepare A Hospital After Disaster
Hospital and other medical centers are places where patients visit after they are struck by some natural disaster. Proper planning and guidance are needed for both the community as well as the rescue team in order to prepare for disaster. There are a lot of special hospitals these days that are designed in order to take care of people in these special and adverse circumstances. Extensive planning has to be done and its right implementation is very important for any hospital in order to handle these situations bravely and efficiently. Since the frequency of the natural disasters is increasing these days and due to this reason, there has been a lot of planning that is being done in this field. This concept is not new as most of the countries have numerous measures that are pre-planned in order to deal with all this. It is compulsory and people related to the rescue teams and public health care departments are always advised to follow a efficient emergency plan in order to deal with a situating right after the disaster.(Plsek, 2001)
1. What Are Disasters?
There are many natural disasters and calamities that may occur inadvertently but some times it happens due to the activities that are done by humans which eventually disturb the eco system of the world. Although with the help of...

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