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Picking The Right Flowers To Give In 5 Simple Ways

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Flowers are beautiful, but they can also be confusing at the same time. How so? Picking the right type of flower to give is like choosing your favourite flavour ice cream. With so many tasty choices in the market today, opting for just one requires a strong will and grit. Okay, that might be a tad exaggerated but you get the picture.
Luckily, flowers are less mystifying than ice cream. Here are a few steps to consider when deciding on the right flowers to give. Whether it’s picking flowers for a partner, a friend or a total stranger, keep these simple guidelines in mind.
Think about the occasion
Flowers come in all colours, shapes and sizes. And with a litany of events celebrated each ...view middle of the document...

Serious folks or those whose relationship with you is more formal like a boss or client, it’s best to go for a floral basket or even a potted plant.
Visit the best florist in Melbourne or a reputable floral shop in your area and scope out what they have to offer. There’s bound to be a flower arrangement to suit your recipient’s personal taste.
Think of the blooms in season
Certain flowers are only available at particular times. Florists sometimes sell flowers in season at a much cheaper price compared to ones out of season. In this instance (and when on a budget) it’s wiser to note down seasonal availability. Dahlia’s, freesia’s, hyacinth’s and hydrangea’s are good examples of popular flowers with seasonal availability.

Think about how you want to present it
Do you want to give a bouquet or a flower basket? Would you prefer to hand it over yourself or take advantage of delivery options?
Once you’ve decided on the kind of flowers to give, think about presentation. Handing out flowers in person is ideal but if this is impossible, flower shops usually have delivery options. Choose a local or online flower shop that can send to your recipient’s area or address.
At Flowers from Gan Eden, we offer flower delivery in Melbourne. You can place an order ahead of time or order on the day, right before cut-off and we’ll...

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