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Pictorial Poster Essay

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The main focus point of Chéret’s poster ‘Folies-Bergere, La Loïe Fuller 1893, (Figure 1) is an American dancer and display capture another classic Chéret woman dancing cabaret culture of passion and emotional abilities examples of Paris . colored lithography Chéret skills let him to express in a variety of silk garments Fuller wore light the lamp shades found in a black background , she seems to spin out of darkness , which is a typical Chéret composition, dancing women at the forefront , the smallest in the background and layout on the top and bottom. usual type considered here is clearly legible from a distance due to the black from the red background of praise , but because it is ...view middle of the document...

With the opening of the trade routes to the west much of the art that Japan produced was highly sort after by the rising affluent, middle class Parisians of the time. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, a fixture in the Montmartre art scene of the time, was incredibly inspired by the large areas of flat colour and unusual perspectives that were used in Japanese woodblocks. In 1891 Toulouse Lautrec made his first attempt at lithography and created the poster “ Moulin Rouge: La Goulue”
(Figure 3) which enhance the status of the pictorial poster. The style of the poster is quite similar with the Japanese style, black colouroutline,flat bright colour and flat figures. Toulouse Lautrec had learnt a lot from Chéret’s techniques, the colours of the Moulin rouge poster were built up in overlays and layers in the same way the Chéret would work. Using these cut off shapes to frame the composition, Lautrec creates a new dynamic style of lithograph that although taking great inspiration from ukiyo-e and Jules Chéret’s work, is distinctly his own.
Alphonse Mucha, a Czech artist working in Paris had created the first masterpiece of the Art Nouveao poster design. His style of painting has influenced an entire generation of posters design, his work epitomizes the Art Nouveau.
A final factor which had a significant impact on the rise of the poster came during “The second empire which, thanks to the vigorous promotion of Baron Haussmann, he change the face of Paris, he is also responsible for the widespread popularity of a final factor which significantly affected by the rise of the poster to the decorative arts. Haussmann allows road in Paris easier to access and use of this accompanied this exhibition helps to regulate advertising to the general publicalong with the freedom of the...

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