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Picture Books Making A Difference By Hannah Darnell

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Pictures are worth a thousand words. This is a phrase that almost everyone has heard and uses when looking at breathtaking images. When I was younger I took this to heart. I would almost never pick up a book if it didn’t have pictures inside. I loved to look at the vivid colors and imagine not only what I was thinking but what the person that was writing the book was thinking. My teachers used to tell me that I didn’t like books without pictures because of my lack of imagination. I disagree, I believe that most children look at pictures differently than not only adults but other children. In this class I got to read several picture books which just reinforced my belief of how important picture books are when children are developing their cognitive skills.
I evaluated Humphrey the Lost Whale by Wendy Tokuda and Richard Hall and illustrated by Hanako Wakiyama. This book was very interesting simply because they told a true story while still making it kid friendly. The watercolor images were beautifully illustrated. This book would be a fantastic tool to use when you are doing a lesson about marine life and their natural habitats. It also was a good lesson of people trying to help nature instead of hurting it.
I enjoyed reading was Ian’s Walk: A story about autism by Laurie Lears and illustrated by Karen Ritz. This book was about a girl and her brother with autism. I love how this book addresses autism. At first the sister is looking at her brother as someone without autism that is she does not treat him any different, but by the end of the story she tries to see things the way that her autistic brother sees them. She begins to have an understanding that she should not care of what others think and that certain things that he does is his way of expressing himself. This book is exquisitely illustrated with water colors that look extremely realistic. It makes the subject of autism real to the students.
One more book about mental disabilities was This is Asperger Syndrome by Elisa Gagnon and Illustrated by Sachi Tahara. This book was written from the point of view of a child with Asperger’s and is easy for a child to read. This book did a wonderful job in shining a light on how that child thinks and feels about certain things. The illustrations were black and white and somewhat dull but kids have imaginations and this may not be a problem for them. Mental disabilities such as Autism or Asperger’s were never talked about when I was younger and because of this I would often look at children my age that had mental disabilities as having a catchable disease. I believe that children need to understand autism the best that they can.
The Forgotten Garden by Caroline Repchuk and illustrated by Ian Andrew was an interesting story. This book reminded me of the famous book The Secret Garden. This story is about a garden that is forgotten and...

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