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Picture Perfect Essay

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What is up without down? What is left without right? What is on without off? What is death without life? Nothing to be exactly, but for a fact, we can't have one without the other. We know this to be true and we will never be able to prove it wrong, but yet we seem to ignore the facts starring us right in the eyes when they are going on. Death is an uneasy topic. What is it really? We know it is unavoidable, so why do we ignore it and act so silly? If death is printed on paper we go into a rally a protest, yet this is the same society who will pay $8.90 to see a horror movie accepts the sighting, sounds, and vivid image of a gruesome death? Yea okay. If this is acceptable then so is print! While reading The Boston Photographs by Nora Ephron, I really started to take to her way of thinking, and she thinks that newspapers should publish more photos of death. Well I completely agree.
Nora's first reason states, "Beyond that, the pictures are classics, old-fashioned but perfect examples of photojournalism" (173) 1. The very definition of photojournalism is, “journalism in which written copy is subordinate to pictorial usually photographic presentation of news stories or in which a high proportion of pictorial presentation is used" 2. By definition this is in fact a perfect example of photojournalism. Among the three photographs you see a story of a brave firefighter attempting to rescue a mother and her child, but ending with a grim, unfortunate death. These images are powerful to say the least due to the fact that this is the art of death right before the masterpiece. As Nora expresses, “These are pictures of death in action, of that split second when luck runs out and it is impossible to look at them without feeling their extraordinary impact and remembering, in an almost subconscious way, the morbid fantasy of falling, falling off a building, falling to one's death" (173) 3. If these photographs were not to be published as perfect examples of photojournalism, it would be equal to Leonardo Da' Vinci not revealing the famous Mona Lisa during the Renaissance.
Nora's second reason states, "Death happens to be one of life's main events. And it is irresponsible --- and more than inaccurate---for newspapers to fail to show it" (175) 4. Whether you're five, fifteen, or fifty years old, you will know what death is. Death has always been looming in our timelines and there isn't a single thing we can do about it. So to ignore the fact that the women died in the third...

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