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Picture Research Paper

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Benjamin Franklin was known for his sly sense of humor. In 1751 Benjamin Franklin wrote a commentary in his Pennsylvania Gazette thanking the British for sending over convicted felons to America. He also said that in return he should send rattlesnakes over to England. Benjamin Franklin once again published an article in his newspaper but this time it was a drawing he made. It was of a snake that was cut into eight pieces representing the colonies. The curves in the snake were known as the coastlines and the head of the snake was New England and rightfully so since that was the where the most colonists resided at that time. South Carolina the newest colony was the last. Under the snake read the words “JOIN, or DIE.” At the time this had nothing to do with the controversial topic of freeing themselves from Britain or even to battle the British. This was a plea to try and get all the colonies to become unified and to become one during the French and Indian War. The snake was being re-printed in all the newspapers throughout the colonies and became a symbol to the early American colonies.
After the French and Indian War the colonists were faced with another enemy. The Stamp Act in 1765 ignited the colonists to want to free themselves from the British Empire. The snake symbol was a huge part of getting the colonies to come together again to fight the British. Everyone was using the symbol to encourage unity. Paul Revere even used the symbol in his column to show the snake fighting a British dragon. By the year 1775 the snake symbol once printed in a newspaper to unify the colonies had blown up. The snake symbol could be found displayed all over the colonies. It was on uniform buttons, paper money and even flags and banners. The people were clearly influenced by Benjamin Franklin`s drawing he put in the newspaper many years ago to get the colonists to fight against the Indians.
The symbol was used many times during the Revolutionary War. The Marines had snakes painted on their drums and colonies and towns were creating their own flags to fly instead of the British flags. Since there was no official American flag the people used various types of flags to fly. One of those flags was created by Thomas Hart...

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