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For this research paper I will be looking at Monsanto through the John Rawls theory and functional paradigm. Monsanto is the most recognized corporation in the farming industry. They are famous today for Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) which are changing our perception on how we buy and eat our food. Many countries in the world have been highly against GMOs and Monsanto, banning them from selling their products. However, United States and North America is pro GMOs. The United States might have misperception of Monsanto, as if letting them pretend to share the pie equally.
Monsanto was established in 1901 and founded by John F Queeny. The company started in St. Louis, Missouri, as Monsanto chemical works. In the 1920s Monsanto expanded into basic industrial for chemicals (Rowell). With their experience in chemicals, they contributed research on uranium to help with the Manhattan project. Monsanto became a nuclear facility for the United States government until the late 1980s. In the 1940s Monsanto became a leader in synthetic fiber and plastic, however, on the EPA’s list Monsanto ranked fifth in generating the most total hazardous waste (Rowell).
During the 1940’s Monsanto started to produce 2, 4-D which would be later used in the chemical, Agent Orange. It also produced the infamous DDT. This product was used to combat malaria, typhus and other insect borne diseases. DDT was an instant hit; military and civilian populations used it to protect themselves from mosquitos and insects. It was also used on crops, livestock and gardens. At the time people believed that it was not harmful to humans or animals; however, in recent years we have found that this is not true.
In 1972, the EPA put a cancellation on DDT based on adverse effects on the environment. DDT exposure to humans can have an effect on the human reproductive system, and it is classified as a probable human carcinogen by the United States and the international authorities. Based on some studies, DDT can cause some animals to develop liver tumors. Although DDT was widely accepted and was productive for slowing the rate of malaria, it was extremely hazardous to the environment. DDT gives Monsanto a label which is hard to shrug off, preventing them from being accepted.
Monsanto began to use roundup in their soybeans in 1996 which became the first pesticide prompting seed; Cotton became the first insect resistant seed (Rowell). These seeds make the aerial spraying of pesticides obsolete, therefore, reducing the area of containment. State official posted that aerial spray should not pose health risk (Kay). However, they cannot rule it out either, especially for young children and the elderly (Kay). Aerial spraying is also toxic to honey bees, especially bees that stay outside the hive overnight (Merchant). With Monsanto genetically modifying seeds, they can help lessen the damage of aerial sprays.
Monsanto reputation from the past is hurting their forward progress in today’s...

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