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Pierre - Augustine Renoir, on of the greatest of the French painters and founder of the French impressionism in the 19th century. An innovative artist, whose paintings can be found all around the world in famous museums and expositions, including London National Gallery.
Born in a cold winter day of 1841, in Lomoges, France, Pierre Augustine Renoir lived a long and happy life of more than eight decades. Being one of the six children in the poor family of a tailor and seamstress, Renoir from childhood understood what he is up to in his future life. From early age he was drawing and self studied art in free time. Renoir’s parents arranged him to work in a Porcelain Factory, where he was working as a decorator of plates and other objects. The fortune came up in such a way that when Renoir was five his family moved to Paris and lived in a house right by the famous French Louvre. Most of his free time, Renoir spent in Louvre trying to copy the famous works from the walls of the museum. As the time passed more and more people started recognising his talent which made him many wealthy friends. His talent of great drawing allowed him to enter the famous during
Figure 2 (Pierre-Augustine Renoir self-portrait)
that time, “Ecole des Beaux-Arts”, the art school run by Charles Glyre. It was probably the place where the first ideas of the Impressionism movement came on his mind. At the same time he met there his future best friends who will be his companions for the rest of his life. Frederic Bazille, Claud Monet, and Alfred Sisley, who at that point where just young talented students, with great plans for the future life. They played a huge role in the History of wrench art and influenced Renoir a lot to make his works looknlike real masterpieces of that time.
The idea of the “Impressionism” first appeared after the end of the Franco German war, where Renoir was drafted. The big part of the starting the movement, played the death of Frederic Bazille, who was the best friend of the Camille Pisaro, Claud Monet, Paul Cezane, and Edgar Degas and eventually Pierre Augustine Renoir. This group wanted to show their concerns against violence and wars. As a result, the young painters decided to organise their own exhibition in Paris and present their only their works. It was the first impressionism exhibition in the history. The name of this movement comes from the name of the exposition “Impressions”. Sadly, their first exposition did not have a great popularity and effect on the people. But as more upper class people found out about it, their movement became more and more popular, to such an extent that it became the revolutionary painting style of that time.

The four friends, among which was Renoir, “formed the nucleus of the impressionist movement”. Even though Renoir was the youngest of this group, he probably made the biggest...

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