Pierre Simon Laplace's Life And Accomplishments Essay

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Pierre-Simon Laplace was born on March 23, 1749 in France (Pierre-Simon Laplace, 2000). He was a mathematician and astronomer who made great findings that contributed to mathematical astronomy and probability (Pierre-Simon Laplace, 2000). Not much is known about Laplace’s childhood because he rarely ever talked about his early days (Marquis de laplace, 2013). However, it is known that his family was middle-class and rich neighbors paid for him to attend school when they realized how talented the boy was (Pierre-Simon Laplace, 2000). He married Marie-Charlotte de Courty de Romanges at 39 years old (Pierre-Simon laplace, 2013). They had a son in 1789 and a daughter in 1792 (Pierre-Simon laplace, 2013). Pierre-Simon Laplace died on March 05, 1827 in Paris (Pierre-Simon Laplace, 2000).
Laplace taught at one of the schools he attended for a while before he decided that he wanted to further his knowledge of mathematics (Marquis de laplace, 2013). He traveled to Paris to study at a military school and obtained a professorship of mathematics (Marquis de laplace, 2013). By the age of 19, Laplace had earned a spot as a chair of mathematics at the Military Academy of Paris (Pierre-Simon Laplace, 2000). In 1773 Laplace became an associate member of the Paris Academy of Sciences and in 1785 he became a full member of the academy (Pierre-Simon Laplace, 2000).
In 1796, Laplace published a nebular hypothesis (Pierre-Simon Laplace, 2000). According to an article about his work “This hypothesis states that the solar system evolved from a mass of rotating gases which, as it cooled, had rings break away from its outer edges. These rings cooled further and condensed to form the planets. The sun is the remaining central core of the original gases.” (Pierre-Simon Laplace, 2000). His next work, Mécanique Céleste, was published in five volumes from 1799 to 1825 (Pierre-Simon Laplace, 2000). He expanded his previous work and also accounted for gravity’s effect on each part of the solar system (Pierre-Simon Laplace, 2000). His work with astronomy included a demonstration that proved that the solar system was stable and contributions to the research of tidal oscillation (Marquis de laplace, 2013).
In the mathematic field, Laplace is known as the Father of the Field of Probability (Pierre-Simon laplace, 2013). When probability theory first began mathematicians were only concerned with developing a mathematical analysis of games of chance (Marquis de laplace, 2013). Laplace is known as the Father of the Field of Probability because he developed the Bayesian inference and applied probability to many fields (Pierre-Simon laplace, 2013). The field of probability was Laplacian from the 1770’s until the 1920’s (Pierre-Simon laplace, 2013).
Laplace was 14 years old when Bayes’ theorem was published in 1763 (Pierre-Simon laplace, 2013). He was one of the first people to work with large data sets and wanted to resolve conflicting data given certain events (Pierre-Simon laplace,...

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