Pierre Trudeau Made Canada What It Is Today!

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Pierre Trudeau was an effective prime minister because he created the Constitution Act as well as the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, made the Official Languages Act and decided to use the War Measures Act during the October crisis. These made Canada what it is today because of Pierre Trudeau.

Pierre Trudeau made Canada what it is today in a positive manner by creating the Constitutions Act as well as the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Constitutions Act started in 1982. The act allowed everyone to have fundamental freedoms. Those fundamental freedoms included: freedom of conscience and religion, freedom of thought, belief, opinion, expression, freedom of peaceful assembly and the ...view middle of the document...

That includes putting French on every product as well as English. So it made French and English the official languages of Canada. This was to support the development of French and English communities all over Canada and not just in Quebec. All institutions and companies in Canada must provide their services in English and French at customer's choice. The official Languages Act has been supported by all federal parties. The French that lived in Quebec were extremely satisfied with this act and started to appreciate Trudeau much more. Trudeau made sure that federal funds were made available to promote bilingualism and to promote them using radio and televisions outside of Quebec. Trudeau wanted to fix the relationship between the English and the French- Canadians but a small problem still continued. Quebecers expected and wanted extra political provincial powers to retain their status and place in Canada. Public signs had to have English as well as French on them. Pierre Trudeau made Canada what it is today by making the Official Languages Act that helped include Quebec and make them feel welcomed and wanted in Canada.

Pierre Trudeau created the War Measures Act to help and stop the October crisis for the better of Canada. The October crisis first started on October 5, 1970. The British Trade Commissioner was kidnapped in Montreal, Quebec. The FLQ wanted 23 political prisoners released and sent to their origin homes.Trudeau and Robert Bourassa (Quebec Premier) alongside the police knew the FLQ had something to do with the kidnapping. The FLQ threatened radio stations as well as threatening the government saying that they will kill the innocent man if their demands are not met. Trudeau refused to release the prisoners so the FLQ kidnapped another man, the Quebec minister of Labour. Trudeau and the rest of the federal government sent the army in to protect politicians and important buildings from the FLQ. Pierre Trudeau decided to invoke the War Measures Act. The War measures Act suspends basic civil rights and liberties and allows police searches...

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