Pig's Role In Animal Farm By George Orwell

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Pigs' Role in Animal Farm by George Orwell

At the start of the novel Orwell describes the pigs to be the
"cleverest of the animals." This is clearly an advantage and so leads
to the pigs taking over the farm. There is a sense of leadership very
soon after Old Major's death as the three pigs, Snowball, Napoleon and
Squealer arrange meetings with the other animals and already begin to
give orders. "You do not need sugar," says Snowball. It is evident
here that Snowball believes that he has power over the other animals
already. Further on during the second chapter Snowball and Napoleon
send for a ladder, proving that they think they can use the animals to
do jobs and progresses more in chapter 3 when they believe that they
can direct and supervise the other animals and not actually do the
work themselves. In chapter two Napoleon says, "Comrade Napoleon will
lead the way." Using the word "lead" shows that the pigs think of
themselves as more than just teachers and even have their own
headquarters soon after. It is clear to us that the pigs are using
their intelligence to trick the other animals and play mind games with

Orwell describes Snowball as a "more vivacious pig than Napoleon." We
can see this whilst he is still on the farm, as he is always doing
things to benefit the whole of the farm, not just himself whereas
Napoleon is. "Snowball made a little speech, emphasizing the need for
all animals to be ready to die for Animal farm if need be." It is
evident from this quote that Snowball is very passionate about the
farm and will do anything to improve it. His passion for the farm is
very much shown at the battle of the cowshed where he is in charge of
the attack against Jones and other farmers. He makes the first attack
against them and says to the animals, "No sentimentality, comrade! War
is war. The only good human being is a dead one." This quote proves to
us that Animalism is very important to Snowball. Orwell also describes
Snowball to be "quicker in speech." We can see that he is a brilliant
speaker and uses this as a persuasive way to the control the animals
instead of using force. Snowball also uses his intelligence to
convince the birds that their wings are considered as legs. He says "A
bird's wing, comrades, is an organ of propulsion and not of
manipulation. It should therefore be regarded as a leg."

Snowball is considered to be the most intelligent of the pigs. It is
evident that this is true when he plans to build a windmill to supply
electricty on the farm. "He was closeted there for hours at a time."
This quote shows again Snowball's strong passion for the farm as he
spends hours working on plans for innovations and improvements.
Napoleon cannot accept that Snowball is the cleverest out of them both
and this is proved to us again when Snowball makes Animal Comittees to
teach the animals to read and write as Napoleon claimis that the
education of the young is far more important...

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