Tablets Should Be Used In All Classrooms

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For instance, groups from the Notre Dame University, used iPads to collaborate and save files. After the seven week study some of the college students had used the tablets for textbooks and other uses that were not expected. Notre Dame University worked on projects using iPads to brainstorm and saved the results on an outline storage app called Dropbox. The group members can simply view the files without emailing (Woyke 1). The study’s original idea was to use the iPads as e-readers instead of regular textbooks (Wokye 1). Although, during the seven week-long study by Notre Dame, the University discovered students like learning with the tablets computers, but they used the devices differently than what was expected (Wokye 1). Most students at University of Notre Dame “said the iPads encouraged exploration of additional course topics, helped them manage their time, provided new functions, or tools for learning, increased their learning, and made their courses more interesting” (Woyke 1). However, the iPads impression overall in the Project Management course were “very favorable” (Wokye 2). Also “students preferred to be loaned an iPad and purchase the corresponding e-books (and eventually return the iPad) than buy the iPad outright (and own it)” (Woyke 2). On the other hand, students also experienced technical and behavioral challenges on their iPads (Wokye 1). In the same manner, “more than half the students reported feeling frustrated when highlighting text and taking notes within e-books on the iPad” (Wokye 1). Another problem was opening several windows or files. The windows or files could not open side by side which is possible on a laptop (Woyke 1). Overall, “when asked how they felt about giving up their iPads at the end of the course, about 65% of the students said it would be difficult to relinquish the device” (Woyke 2). Most “students preferred to be loaned an iPad and purchase the corresponding e-books than buy the iPad outright” (Woyke 2). In spite of this, students also experienced technical and behavior challenges on their iPads (Woyke 1). According to the students, “more than half the students reported feeling frustrated when highlighting text and taking notes within e-books on the iPad” (Woyke 1).
During March, 2012, a research from the Pearson Education discovered the ownership of tablets has tripled in college students and has quadrupled in high school, these tables are less expensive than laptops; and it also creates more space making education more interactive with peers. In March, 2012, a study by the Pearson Education found out the ownership of tablets has tripled among college students since 2011 and the ownership of tablets has quadrupled in high school seniors (Unknown 1). “They allow for faster, more fluid learning in both lectures and seminars, as the tablets enables quicker note taking” (Unknown 1). For example, “the Samsung Galaxy Note® 10.1 features a stylus that allows for quicker and more accurate writing and...

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