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Tablets, The Next Step To Better Education

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As our generation continues to progress, technology also takes its course with us. Current day technology can provide an excellent aid for scholars attending school or even big named companies and businesses. On an average, most schools in America use textbooks to teach their students. This may be the default way for decades, but that should be changed soon as technological advances are coming in tact. Although it may just be a small handheld device, it can pack a punch for its size and can out win an old textbook anyday. Tablets enable scholars to branch out to many other school resources than just their textbooks.
To begin with, not only do tablets serve as an alternative for textbooks, it also serves a replacement for most of the school supplies and material needed in school. Imagine not rushing every morning to find your textbooks anymore as you know that all your textbooks are safely kept on your portable device. Going to school and class would be a breeze as there would be no hassle or bundle of books to carry. In addition, it also serves as resources for students to use. Most tablets hold apps that allow students to access the dictionary, thesaurus, research information, and etc. These functions will aid students and hopefully speed up the process classroom activities, since the teacher now won’t be bombarded with students who need help on the definition of a word, or where to find more information about a certain subject they are
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currently learning about.
Secondly, adding tablets to schools can greatly decrease the costs of paper supplies needed and relieve the school’s budget. School Districts around America have suffer low budget costs, but if tablets were implemented in schools costs for sheets of paper and new textbooks can be reduce. On these small devices, teachers can easily upload and send out worksheets and homework pages digitally to students. Furthermore teachers can additionally update textbooks stored on the device with no hassle or cost, whereas if the school decided to provide new and current textbooks it would cost the school a very large sum of money. This can benefit the school and students as the extra money saved up can be used to improve school environments,...

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