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Acne A Part Of Me

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"The moment you've all been waiting for,it's finally here!"-said the compere,as she gained my attention.With each word she spoke,my heart pounded faster and faster.I was completely spellbound,her voice fondling my inner psyche.But then,I asked myself,what was I doing?I had been watching tv for nearly two hours straight.My neck started to ache as I lay on the couch like a sloth.I realized that I had seen hundreds of such deceptively swaying ads that expounded how their product was different,and how it would prove to be a turnaround.But maybe,all I really needed was a turnaround.Something that would relieve me from my forlorn misery.But what misery you ask?

I,well,had acne.The one problem,I believed,that was present in my life.The others,well,just followed.It all started when I was in the 8th grade.The first zit appeared.I didn't pay much attention.Then,people started noticing.Eventually,I started to notice people noticing the large,red bump on my face.I showed it to my mom,but she reassured me saying it was all part of growing up,and nothing to be worrying about.But little did I know,it got worse.A legion of pimples,blackheads,cysts and large,red bumps soon invaded my chocolatey brown face.It appeared as if someone had sprinkled a confetti of colorful sprinkles all over my face.From my cheeks to the forehead,soon everything was covered with zits and pimples.I really couldn't face people head-to-head with something that disconcerting.So,I started avoiding everybody,even ducking the ones close to me.At restaurants,when bright light accentuated my condition,the big,red pimples gleamed nefariously,making me desolate.I looked like I had been hit by a truck.Perhaps,if I were to drop dead,to have a building crash onto me,and only me,I would feel okay rather than to bear the troubles of acne.I felt jealous when I saw others with clear skin.Not the malicious kind of jealousy,just the commonly entertained questioning of God...why not me?I became socially withdrawn,reluctantly fostering an image that I dreaded and hated at the same time.But I never understood why and how acne managed to...

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