Pina Bausch. A Glance At Her Journey.

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Pina Bausch"In the beginning there was nothing. It starts very small and becomes bigger.."Pina Bausch.In the mists of great dance practitioners such as Mary Wigman, John Ashbery and Bertolt Breeht stands Pina Bausch, who many critics describe as a woman of undefinable character with an immense sense of leadership. This research paper will briefly narrate Pina Bausch's life in the dancing profession focusing on her influences such as, people like Kurt Jooss and Anthony Tudor. Her theories concerning methodology in dance and through these theories how Pina Bausch in her own right helped to pushed the bolder of artistic revolution forwards in her extravagant and shocking set designs.Pina Bausch was born in 1940 in a town called Solingen, Germany. From an early age it was clear that Bausch possessed a inner discipline and a flair for rhythm and physical expression that was nurtured by her parents till 1955 at the young age of fifteen where she was immediately accepted into the 'Folkwang School' situated in Essen, Germany and was taken under the extremely influential wing of Kurt Jooss director the 'Folkwang School' who recognised somewhat of a god given talent in young Bausch.Kurt Jooss and his teachers Trude Pohl, Audrey Harmon, valentin, Anne Wooliams, David Poole, Prorwitisch, Lucas Hovng, Pearl Lang, Deniss Carey, Walter Nicks, Max Mattox, Ilona Hanna Ireghy and Anna marked to name a small number were to be Bausche's mentors for the next three years when she graduated from the 'Folkwang School in 1958.Who exactly was Kurt Jooss, this man who seemed to set Bausch on her way. Kurt Jooss a former student of Rudolph Von Laban, who was known as the father of German Expressionist dance, was the director and founder of the 'Folkwang School' which was established while Jooss was in exile from England. One may believe that it was meant as a result of his fleeing to Germany he became a major contributor to German dance and in articular the Weimar cultural period. Jooss was skilled in all areas of dance performance, trained as a dancer,ballet master, choreographer and producer. Jooss was also one of the first choreographers to mix the traditional ballet with modern dance.Bausch, with already a strong line of dance knowledge was granted a scholarship of the German Academical Exchange...

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