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Pine Trees Of Georgia Essay

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There are pine trees just about everywhere in Georgia. Pine trees have always been important resources to people in North America. Native Americans used pine trees as treatments for respiratory conditions and to build items such as canoes or buildings. Today, pine trees are one the most important timber sources in North America. Pine trees belong to a group of trees known as the conifers, meaning the trees have cones and needle-like or scale-like leaves. There are about seven very common types of pine trees found in Georgia that grow in several different environments from the Appalachian Mountains all the way to the coast. Over many years pine trees have adapted to these very diverse ...view middle of the document...

The Virginia Pine is also commonly found in Georgia. This type of pine tree is much smaller than the previous trees. It only grows to be about 40-70 feet tall. The Virginia Pine is identified for its branches that extend toward the ground, making it valuable as a Christmas tree or decorative plant. Naturally this type of pine grows near the upper Piedmont and Blue Ridge Mountains.
The Longleaf Pine grows predominantly in the Coastal Plains of Georgia and reaches heights of 100 feet. As its name might suggest, this type of pine is recognized for its long needles that cluster towards the ends of the tree’s branches. In this tree’s early years it is resistant against fire damage, which is not common for trees. This type of pine is also a major source of timber in Georgia along with the Loblolly Pine.
Another pine tree that grows predominantly in the Coastal Plains of Georgia is the Slash Pine. Unlike the Longleaf Pine, the Slash Pine is very susceptible to fire. The Slash Pine is recognized for its long needles that can grow up to 28 cm long. The tree...

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