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Pine Trees Of Pennsylvania Essay

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Pennsylvania is home to a wide variety of of evergreen tree species. Some of which include:

Eastern Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis)
The Eastern Hemlock is often used for construction timber. The Eastern Hemlock is the offical state tree of Pennsylvania and is often found in cool moist habitats. This evergreen produces cones 3/4" long that are egg-shaped and hanging singly from the tips of twigs. Under each small section of the pine cone are 2 small, winged seeds (Cook Forest, 2013).

Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris)
The Scots Pine, or also commonly referred to as Scotch Pine, is able to be grown and propagated in various soil and moisture conditions but does not tolerated shaded areas well. This evergreen tree is often planted and propagated for reforestation and horticultural uses. Cones from the Scots Pine are commonly 1½" - 2½" long and are found in solitary conditions or in pairs. They are usually grayish or reddish in color (Cook Forest, 2013).

American Larch (Larix laricina)
The American Larch is one of the most valuable timber trees found in Pennsylvania and is often found growing in moist or dry woodland conditions. American Larch evergreens are often planted as an ornamental plant in large open areas. Many of Pennsylvania's small wildlife, such as birds, squirrels, and mice, feed on the seeds and soft needles of the American Larch. Cones on the American Larch range about 5"-8" long. Each section of the pine cone usually produces 2 winged seeds, a common trait among many Pennsylvania pines (Cooks Forest, 2013).

Each of these Pennsylvania evergreen species provides a variety of resources unique to their own species. Whether it be producing timber for construction purposes, food and nutrition for local wildlife, or providing an aesthetically pleasing landscape through ornamental evergreen trees, each species can be purposely and efficiently reproduced through evergreen seed propagation.


Evergreen trees can be propagated in a variety of ways. A common method of evergreen propagation are cuttings. Sections of the evergreen trees can be harvested and planted for propagation. The planted cuttings will form roots and can be transplanted to form new evergreen trees.
Another common method, which is outlined below, is evergreen seed propagation.


Collection of Seeds
Seeds of the evergreen trees come in many shapes, sizes, and numbers varying with the species of evergreen tree you are working with. However, all evergreen species have seeds that are available and viable for seed propagation techniques. The eastern hemlock, which as mentioned previously is commonly used for construction timber and is commonly found in Pennsylvania, is a tree that can be propagated with relative ease through evergreen seed propagation

Hemlock Seed Propagation

Choose the number of Hemlock seeds you would like to propagate....

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