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Pink Is The New White: Gendered Crime

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The gender gap in criminology is a pertinent finding which suggests men commit more crimes than women. Nevertheless, several changes in the past years imply that this gap is gradually narrowing by women becoming more independent due to progress in the financial sector and with the development of a more gender-equal society. Several explanations have been suggested by criminologist and government officials to account for these changes. These explanations include, distresses faced by some women such as being the sole provider, the relegation of income compared to men, opportunities for women and equality, as well as changes in society’s treatment of women as seen through history. One area of criminology where the gap is rapidly tightening is the white collar crimes sector.
General statistics on crimes by female offender are reported as follows: According to a report by Greenfeld, L., and Snell, L. (2000), in the “Bureau of Justice Statistics,” about 40% of robberies were committed by both Black and White women, with an 18% committed by “other.” Furthermore, women are responsible for reportedly 40% of aggravated assault, and 60% of simple assault under the category of violent crimes. With these statistics, state courts noted a great increase in female defendants who were convicted of felonies since 1996 with an alleged 90% increase in violent crimes. Similar statistics were cited by the record of state female inmates where 50% of female inmates were there for violent crimes, 30% for property crimes, 30% for on drug-related charges, and 5% for public order.
While these statistics may portray the current state of affairs in the field of crime doing by female delinquents, it is essential to understand the types of crime committed by women and the treatment of women as criminal offenders within our justice system. Additionally, it’s important to note that while one may be led to believe crimes committed by women have an economic basis, the economically-disadvantaged are not the only people committing crimes in our society as seen in the cases of white collar crimes. With regards to white collar crimes by upper-class women, the offense differs from the crimes committed by lower or middle class females. They include bribery of public officials, fake invoices or even government fraud for monetary gain. Still, it has been argued that women commit less white-collar crimes than men. This happens because they lack the opportunity, and there’s a suspected need for risk aversions (Gottschalk, P. 2012).
Nevertheless, researchers have always been interested in the differences in gender with this sort of crime, and the logic behind committing white collar crime. However, finding these differences is often difficult because, “when white-collar criminals appear before their sentencing judges, they can correctly claim to be first-time offenders; they are wealthy, highly educated, and socially connected” (Gottschalk, P. 2012, p. 363). This is shown quite...

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