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Pinocchio Essay

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Transforming books into movies is a process happening everyday. Keeping classic books classics in the movies can be quite a difficult task, especially when writing for children. Disney is notorious for altering original stories to make them suitable, in their eyes, for children. Pinocchio is one of the many classic stories Disney reinvented for children of all ages to watch. Much of the movie version has both added and deleted scenes. This steers the movie away from violence as much as possible which the book obviously does not.

The movie begins setting the scene in fairy tale form as Geppetto with his newly made marionette wishes upon a star that his marionette "Pinocchio" could be alive. To his surprise, as he falls asleep, a fairy appears to grant his wish and brings Pinocchio to life. Contrary to the movie, in the book Pinocchio is alive without the aid of a fairy. The more Geppetto puts Pinocchio together, the more he becomes alive. The fairy doesn't appear until about halfway through the book. She acts as Pinocchio's mother whereas Disney used the fairy in the movie as a more magical character to give the story more of a fairy tale aspect.

Disney takes out a lot, if not all of the violence the book had to offer. Parents obviously aren't going to want their children watching a puppet being hanged, a cricket smashed with a mallet, or a serpent having a heart attack and dying. These are a few of the many violent scenes removed in the making of the movie. Some of the only violence in the movie occurs when Pinocchio ends up at Pleasure Island. All of the other kids including him destroy everything they can get their hands on in this "no rules" island and its all fun and games. The fun ends as Pinocchio and his friend Lampwick are smoking and drinking beer as they start turning into donkeys.

The cricket Pinocchio...

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