Pint Size: The Life Changing Event Of Motherhood

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I was a typical teenager my life revolved around friends and late night trips to Walmart, however that was soon to change. When you are eighteen you never dream that at such a young age our life goes from late nights with friends to wales for attention from a tiny child. My way of motherhood came to me by three events that will forever define me as who I am.
Waiting on those two little pink lines was like waiting on honey to be pour on a cold January morning. I received a text that changed my life forever; my best friend since middle school just told me she might be pregnant! My first thought was how she could be so stupid then panic set in what in the world was she going to do, however the main thought was she was not the mother type. My friend was like a tombstone, she could be cold, ruff, and hardheaded. She never really took the best care of herself either if it require physical, mental, emotional work then it was not for her. The weeks seemed to blur together waiting for her doctor’s appointment to confirm my worst fear. The doctor walked in with a big smile on his face he said “ congratulations you’re going to be a mom” My friend's face fell we walked out of the doctor’s office in a daze; I had to be the one to ask the hard question of what in the world are you going to do? My friend stared at me and gave an answer I least expected she said, “I’m going to have this baby despite all odds. The night after the doctor's appointment she called to tell me she and her boyfriend broke up and she was going to need me more now than ever. I ask why they break up. She told me that he told her that he was not ready to give up his life for some little baby that would require it to be put first, and he wasn’t about to give up the lime light for some smelly, money stealing, noise maker. She asked if I would be the godmother to this child that way if anything ever happen to her she would know her baby was safe. The days a month seem to drag to May 8 the day I had been waiting for to find out if I was going to have a good son or goddaughter. We sit in the ultrasound room as the nurse points out the various features she showed us the head, fingers, heart, and toes, but all I could think was pink or blue clothes and gender shopping. The technician points to the screen and gets all excited and giddy and says, “It’s a boy.” I find my- self-smiling my friend on the other hand breaks down and cries a boy who is going to be just like his father is her thought. His father was just about as useful as a dead in street. Any fool can make a baby, but it takes a strong person to step up and change their life for someone else child. For the first time in my life, I had to think about someone else; I had to include another tiny innocent little soul that was starting to enter my daily thoughts at all times. My friend might not have been ready to have a baby at such a young age but I was determined and was ready that she was not going to do it alone I would stand by her...

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