Pio Nono And Modern Day Papacy

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During his extraordinarily and eventful long reign, Pio Nono laid the ground work for the modern day papacy. He was the longest serving Pope to date with a reign of thirty one years. When his sovereignty was lost, his supporters rallied around him which resulted in the Papacy becoming more centralized within Rome. He was known as a politically conservative Pope who was adverse to the modern ideas, although he was also a reformer and innovator within the Catholic Church. The end of his reign sees the separation of the papacy from the world’s political powers. His infallible decision on the Immaculate Conception made lasting church history, while another contribution to him is the opening of Vatican one which resulted in the definition of Papal Infallibility.

After his return from exile to Rome in 1850 Pio Nono had strengthen his ultra conservative views, he projected his condemnation of the Roman republic onto liberalism and modern civilization. This resulted in him punishing revolutionaries, refusing his people the right to vote and condemning any modern thinking. In his capacity as head of the Church, Pius IX adhered to the principles of the Ultramontanist thinking. Pius IX was seen by many as the enemy of the freedoms of the modern world and through his infamous Syllabus of Errors he condemned all that was right in modern thinking. In this Pius claimed for the Church the control of all culture and all science, and of the whole educational system. He rejected the liberty of faith, conscience and worship enjoyed by other creeds; and bade an easy farewell to the idea of tolerance. Pius IX was also the last Pope to rule as the Sovereign of the Papal States, which fell completely to Italian nationalist armies by 1870 and were incorporated into the Kingdom of Italy.

In 1854, Pope Pius IX defined the once contentious doctrine of Mary’s Immaculate Conception as part of the catholic faith. This had been a highly problematic issue within the church for seven centuries. The pope himself had declared that his own recovery from epilepsy to the intercession of Mary. This was an important step for the development of the Papal office because it was not just the declaration or change of doctrine that was momentous but the way that the decision was reach. While the Pope did consult the bishops, it was him and him alone that had the final say that brought the doctrine into effort, thus strengthen his infallibility as Pope. This papal bull was the first modern use of Papal Infallibility. This final dogmatic statement was that the Virgin Mary was at the time of her conception was exempted from original sin. This decision was widely accepted with most catholic happy with the Pope decision although it was not without its critics. Some of the more liberal Catholics questioned whether they should accept this purely because the Pope said so; most notable were Anselm and Aquinas. There were various arguments against this doctrine such as the lack of it...

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