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Pip In Charles Dicken´S Great Expectations

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In the novel Great Expectations, the author, Charles Dickens, creates the dynamic character of Pip. Pip begins as a young 7-year-old boy with no dreams for the future. He evolves into a confident, successful gentleman by first visiting the stage of an egotistical young man. Pip changes by his relationship with money and other characters in the book. Pip evolves from an unambitious young boy into a high class, successful gentleman, predominantly through the influence of money provided by Magwitch, creating the corruption in Pip’s later life.
In the beginning of the book, Pip is a compliant 7-year-old boy with no dreams for the future. He knows who he is and what he will become. He is an ...view middle of the document...

Pip tries to forget about his early life in poverty with Joe and Mrs. Joe. Soon enough, Pip convinces himself he is better than that innocent, unambitious boy he was in the past. Yet, Great Expectations teaches us that in the future we can never forget things from the past. In Volume II, with Magwitch’s financial aid, Pip becomes a man who always wants more. He wastes the money he obtains, while still wanting to be treated more like a gentleman. When Pip moves to London, he tries to forget about his past in Kent and became very rude and pushes his family away. He becomes someone others admire as a successful, wealthy gentleman, but the people close to him know he is always looking for something else: love.
In Volume III, Pip decides to put every dream he has aside and yet again helps his mysterious benefactor, Magwitch. Pip becomes unselfish, kind, and courageous when he is aiding his old friend. Toward the end of the book, Magwitch reminds Pip of who he was when they first met, an innocent, unambitious boy. At the end of the book, Pip regains some of that innocence and becomes a kind, generous, still wealthy gentleman. Pip works in a partnership with Herbert at Clarriker and Co. Before, Pip thought...

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