Pipe, Cactus, And Aloe Essay

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Got a Leak problem?
Leak problem? Per say in a situation there was a leak. Every option was tried to fix but none worked. Have you ever tried using the skin of Cacti or Aloe? Have you ever wondered how they can hold so much water and nothing leaks out from the skin? And nothing can seep into the skin? In this study, Cacti and Aloe are going to be put up against man made leak fix. The main purpose for this study is to see if Cacti and or Aloe skin can be used to block leaks. This is relevant to the community because common household leaks can be obnoxious and very expensive at certain times.
Steel pipes are long hollow tubes that can carry a variety of things; they are produced by two distinct methods. In both methods is, raw steel is casted into a more workable starting form. It is then made into a pipe by stretching the steel out into a seamless tube or forcing edges together and sealing them with a weld. Plastic tubes are much simpler then steel ones, they are made of hard plastic called PVC which is a very commonly and cheap pipe to use for indoor plumbing.
Pipes will leak as a result of excessive pressure exerted on them by the material they transport. For metallic pipes, corrosion or rust will cause them to leak and in the case of plastic, a puncture will cause them to leak. What can cause PVC pipes to fail is the following: 1. Improper System Installation, 2. Improper Operation, 3. Contamination, 4. Manufacturing Defects. In PVC pipes some things that can cause pinhole leaks in the pipe is, sand or some other type of mat in water supply.
Aloe has been known for its healing abilities. Aloe has been used for smoothing burns, cuts, and can whiten skin. You can also eat it too! When aloe gets watered, the water turns into this sticky gooey substance inside the leaf of the aloe. There are many different type of aloe; the most...

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