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Piracy in the open seas is becoming more serious problem. The waters off Somalia are where ships and tankers face the greatest threat from pirates.
The maritime piracy had been known to the world from many years ago, but it took the political way during the last period of time with a succession of piracy in the African Horn by the Somali gunmen that’s as a result of tension and violence prevailed in Somalia for many years ago as a result of the conditions of a turbulent and military intervention by several external parties, at the same time began Western countries which are represented in the NATO ships deployed in the region under the pretext of counter-piracy, with the increasing talk about the political motives behind this decision, especially after failing to respond to more than one case in recent days.
Maritime piracy can be defined as "hostile acts or crimes , robbery or violence at sea against a vessel or its crew , or its cargo ," also it can be defined "as adventurer who roamed the seas to plunder merchant ships ." the first use of the word pirate in 140 BC by the Roman historian Bulbous , and referred to by the Greek historian Plutarch in a hundred after birth; to express their oldest clear definition of piracy ; described the pirates as " those people who attack without legal authority not only ships but cities and coastal also . " And has been described piracy for the first time in a number of literary works of old , including the Iliad and the Odyssey , and spread to the Middle Ages in Britain, another meaning of piracy is " they are thieves sea," and appeared definition of the word pirate contemporary in the eighteenth century , a definition description pirates that they " people are outlaws .
In the modern imagination, pirates of the classical period were rebellious, clever teams who operated outside the restricting bureaucracy of new life. Pirates were also depicted as always raising their own Jolly Roger flag when preparing to attack ship, The Jolly Roger is the common name for the flags of mainly English pirates and a symbol for piracy that has been used by film-makers.
History of piracy
The history of maritime piracy was started from more than three thousand years ago, in the Mediterranean during the intensive growth of maritime trade between Egypt and the island of Crete, and the piracy groups were some sailors living on the coast of Sicily, they attacked ships and individual ports with weak defenses. The population of the island of Crete were first thought to address these , and then came the role of Egypt in the Pharaonic era , where equipped for the first time in history, a small fleet of war to fight pirates who are looting ships of the Mediterranean and its cities , and the pirates were attacking the land at the rear Vinhabon live stock and gems and crops, then they were secure men, women and children and sell them , and the piracy require prerequisites for the establishment, including: the availability of forests to...

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