Piracy: Too Expensive To Stop. This Debate Essay Will Try To Prove Why The Governemnt Shouldn't Be Cracking Down On Piracy.

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Imagine a 14-year-old boy being arrested by the FBI and being investigated and put into prison and about 5 million dollars being a year, just to keep this boy in jail all because he decided to download some music off the internet. Many people have ways of downloading movies, music and software for no cost at all. This act of downloading is illegal, since people are not paying for the copyrighted materials. "Cracking down" means to break apart. The government shouldn't break apart piracy. Although the government knows about all of the piracy happening around the world, I believe that the government shouldn't be wasting their precious time trying to crack down on the many people involved in it. The government shouldn't be cracking down on the people who illegally download because it is a waste of money. "Over 15 million people have or currently download illegal content on the internet . Paying the agents for their time, the money for the tracking software, the money for the lawyers provided to the judges to defend the person accused of downloading the content" (Simpson). Spending the money to shut down the software used to download the content would also be a waste of money, since the software is hidden amongst hundreds of servers around the world. These servers disguise themselves by bouncing connections off of other computers and using their internet to submit the software. If people were to be prosecuted for downloading the content, putting them in jail and keeping them there would also be a waste of money. Over 15 million people download software, and it costs taxpayers around $10,000 to have the state keep a person in jail for one year. Spending the money and failing to stop piracy would prove to the people downloading that the government cannot stop piracy. This will lead to increased piracy. Prosecuting the people and imprisoning them would take up space in jail that could have been used by someone with a for worse charge. "California currently has their 'three strikes, you're out' law in effect. This law states that any person charged three felonies, no matter how small will be...

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