Pirated And Counterfiet Software Essay

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Ethics is one of the fundamental building blocks for all organizations. Specifically, information ethics directly relates to Management Information Systems. Information ethics includes the ethical and moral issues arising from the development and use of information technologies. This also includes the creation, collection, duplication, distribution, and processing of information itself with the aid of computer technologies. This paper will focus on the illegal duplication and distribution of software.
There are two primary ethical areas concerning software: Pirated software and counterfeit software. Pirated software is the unauthorized use, duplication, distribution, or sale of copyrighted software. Software publishers maintain ownership of the software they create and only they control the right to duplicate and distribute their products. Counterfeit software is software that is manufactured to resemble authentic software and is sold as such. This could include the illegal copying and distribution of commercial software on DVD or CD. This is typically accomplished using a CD burner. New technology has made it much easier for consumers to be deceived by counterfeiters via high quality packaging and fake products that are nearly impossible to distinguish from authentic software. Software publishers are continuously looking for ways for consumers to be able to distinguish whether they have purchased authentic or counterfeit merchandise. Many companies are attempting to develop new technology that can detect a genuine or fake product. There are two basic forms—those used to authenticate products and those that track the movements of merchandise through the supply chain. The drawback to this new technology is that the counterfeiters and pirates are continuously developing ways to adapt to the technology.
Piracy and counterfeiting are a major concern for software publishers, consumers, and the economy. According to both the Software...

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