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Pit ProblemsAmong the hundreds of different dog breeds, the American Pit Bull Terrier, in the eyes of many people, seems to stand out in a substantial manner. These dogs don't always stand out in a positive manner though. Many people are speaking out against this astonishing breed due to the problems that have occurred and continue to occur. Along with the negative viewpoint people have, there are many people who have had great experiences with these dogs including myself. As time progresses, the controversy concerning the American Pit Bull Terrier has also been on the rise. Many people are taking sides on whether or not this dog can be a good pet, or if the breed is out of control. There's one problem though; while people are basing their opinions mainly on the breed and the name "Pit Bull", they should look deeper within the problem as to what causes these dogs to behave the way the way they do.History has it that Pit bulls may have ties in ancestry as far back in history as 50 A.D. The Romans were quite impressed with the fierce fighting dogs they across while in Britain, so they began exporting the dogs back to Rome for use in great arenas. At some point the British dogs were crossed with the Roman dogs and exported to all parts of the continent including France and Spain where they became renowned fighting dogs. A variety of Bull Mastiffs and Bulldogs were scattered about the continent and contributed to the creation of the Bulldog which was soon found to be one of the main ingredients in the development of the Pit bull. (http://www.angelfire.comnj2/training1/history.html)Around 1835 or so people began to turn to a blood sport called dog fighting. People turned to the Bulldog as a likely choice since it possessed sufficient traits such as heightened dog aggression, being small in size and great agility for the performance in the pits where the dogs would fight. Hardy and tenacious Terriers were crossed into some of the fighting Bulldogs to further enhance the fighting traits needed to produce the ultimate fighting gladiator. The specific trait of gameness was targeted with hopes to have a positive effect on the production of the Pit bull. Gameness is defined as the willingness to seek a task through to end, even under penalty or serious injury including death. (http://www.ang-e lfire.comnj2/training1/history.html).Pit Bulls were imported to America shortly before the Civil War and were used in much the same manner as they were back in England. While in the United States, the breed solidified and was named the American Pit Bull terrier. Strains of the fighting dog that remained in England came to be known as the Staffordshire bull terrier. There's much speculation today as to how closely related the Staffordshire and Pit bull are as a breed.There are no solid facts on this, but there are claims that the two dogs are a similar breed, developed during the same time, but contain separate strains of Bulldog and Terrier blood. The Pit Bull and the...

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