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James Patron described it as “hell with the lid off”; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania went from being an industrial smokey city to the “most livable city” (“Family Fun”). Through determination and hard work Pittsburgh brightened up the grey skies and changed people's outlook on the once dirty city. While some would refer to Pittsburgh's past with disgust, Pittsburghers show their pride in it. + I am going to discuss why Pittsburgh has changed its status from “worst place to visit” to the “top best city to see”.* Pittsburgh is known for top family destinations, best night on the town, and for the best chefs.

Pittsburgh is known as being the best city for family attractions. Pittsburgh caters to every age. The city has multiple attractions that cover learning and fun. Some of these are the Carnegie Museums of Art and natural history, the Carnegie Science Center, Childrens Museum of Pittsburgh, the National Aviary,and Phipps Conservatory. Visitors can go to the past and visit the Fort Pitt Museum or the Senator John Heinz History Center. For more excitement, one can visit Pittsburgh’s “best loved historic landmark”, Kennywood Park. (“Family Fun”). With the originally built wooden working roller coaster, Kennywood attracts the thrill seekers, game players, and has delicious varieties of food. Want to see the view of the city? Experience one of the “top ten most beautiful views” (“Family Fun”). The Duquesne Incline portrays a panoramic like picture of Pittsburgh. A 134 year old cart rises up to Mount Washington’s overlook, showing the city’s three rivers and the point. Pittsburgh also has a very different land and water tour of the city. The “Ducky Tour” is an unforgettable event

for all ages. Touring from the beautiful Station Square, busy Strip District, and ending with a dip in the river. This land and water boat is a unique exciting way to view the city. A nice relaxing afternoon can be found at the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium, with its many animal exhibits and other fun outdoor activities appropriate for all types of weather.

Pittsburgh's night life is an overall wonderful experience. “When the sun goes down in Pittsburgh, the city transforms into a sparkling...

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