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Pixar's Use Of Information Technology Essay

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Executive SummarySince its humble beginnings with productions of "Mickey Mouse" and "Felix the Cat" in the early 1920's, the animation film industry has exploded into a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to flourish as directors are able to push the boundaries of reality like never before. The primary focus of the industry has evolved from simple cartoon drawings put to film for entertainment to elaborate computer generated images that not only produce animated films but also are used in creating special effects for any film made today. The phenomenal growth in the industry since the mid 1990's can be credited almost entirely to its use of the rapid growing computer technologies to create digital animation. The major players producing digital animation, such as Pixar, Lucasfilm, and Walt Disney Features Animation, have been in heated competition to innovate and utilize the technologies available today.Industry analysts believe the sharp growth and development in digital animation will continue as the demand for the technology from Hollywood studios remains high. The competitive advantages digital animation provides production is undeniable and cannot be ignored by the industry, allowing firms to highly differentiation themselves from their competitors. Since the release of Pixar's RenderMan® software 15 years ago, 11 of the films that won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects used RenderMan®. Although technology has not yet provided the formula for a guaranteed box office hit, it has certainly improved the chances.The future of film is greatly entwined with the future of technology and the consequences are uncertain The film industry will continue to grow and change as technology to create and enjoy becomes more accessible and advanced. Looking back on how much film and cinema has changed, it is probable that its future cannot even be imagined now.The Company PixarIt is November 22, 1995, and Pixar is about to make film industry history: the release of the first, full-length feature film that is entirely computer generated. The name of the film is Toy Story, the highest-grossing film of 1995, generating $360 million in box office revenues, and later won an Academy Award as well.Pixar's rise to stardom did not occur overnight. Its beginnings date back to 1986, when Steve Jobs bought the computer graphics division of Lucasfilm, Ltd., for $10 million and established its new name. At that time, Pixar claimed only 44 employees, in stark contrast to the over 700 employees it boasts today. Much of Pixar's earlier works are small productions, such as commercials and short films (see Table 1). In 1991, a Feature Film Agreement was signed with The Walt Disney Studios to co-produce 3 feature films, in which Toy Story was one of the results. In addition, Disney's partnership was extended in 1997 with the Co-Production Agreement, a contract with Pixar to produce 5 computer-animated feature-length theatrical motion pictures. Pixar and Disney are...

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