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Pizza Hut Essay

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Pizza Hut strategic plan Executive SummaryThis proposal describes Pizza Hut and the introduction of a new product called "The Extreme." A brief history of Pizza Hut is provided at the beginning of this proposal along with an analysis of the fast food industry. Current trends in demographics and eating habits are included.A SWOT analysis has been done to identify Pizza Hut's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats so that these factors can be taken into consideration in deciding whether or not to launch the new "Extreme Pizza." Some of the key elements of our marketing plan first describe the "Extreme Pizza." It will be the largest pizza on the market, with double the cheese and double the toppings. We will target the X and Y Generations, which is the fastest growing segment in America. This segment has been successfully targeted before using the "extreme" angle. This segment is has been a segment that hasn't been targeted to the level that they should in this industry and we plan on changing that. We have used past financial data to establish reasonable goals for the product and have set limits on promotional spending. We will be using a high/low pricing strategy, pricing this new pizza at $9.99.Our main sales promotions will be offering the Extreme Pizza bundled with Mountain Dew to target Generation X and Generation Y. We will be using direct channel distribution as well. This pizza will be available through dine-in, carry-out, delivery, and ordering on the Internet.1)Introduction Pizza Hut was started in 1958, by two brothers in Wichita, Kansas. Frank and Dan Carney had the idea to open a pizza parlor. They borrowed $600 from their mother, and opened the very first Pizza Hut. In 1959, the first franchise unit opened in Topeka, Kansas. Almost ten years later, Pizza Hut would be serving one million customers a week in their 310 locations. In 1970, Pizza Hut was put on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol PIZ.In 1986, Pizza Hut introduced delivery service, something no other restaurant was doing. By the 1990's Pizza Hut sales had reached $4 billion worldwide. In 1998, Pizza Hut celebrated their 40th anniversary, and launched their famous campaign "The Best Pizzas Under One Roof." In 1996, Pizza Hut sales in the United States were over $5 million. Out of all the existing pizza chains, Pizza Hut had the largest market share, 46.4%. However, Pizza Hut's market share has slowly eroded because of intense competition from their rivals Domino's, Little Caesar's and newcomer Papa John's. Home delivery was a driving force for success, especially for Pizza Hut and Domino's.However, this forced competitors to look for new methods of increasing their customer bases. Many pizza chains decided to diversify and offer new non-pizza items such as buffalo wings, and Italian cheese bread. The current trend in pizza chains today is the same. They all try to come up with some newer, bigger, better, pizza for a low price. Offering special...

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1749 words - 7 pages . Pizza is one of the most popular foods in U.S, more than 95% of Americans eat pizza regularly and of that nearly 21% of 18-24 year olds order pizza more than three times a month. Household with children purchase pizza more than three times a month, and typically do so via a chain restaurant like the Domino’s, Pizza Hut etc. (“Customer Profile,” Domino’s Pizza: Growing Sales With Technology, Page 301). There are over 69000 pizzerias in U.S

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