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Placenta previa is an implantation of the placenta in the lower uterine segment, near or over the internal cervical os and is usually seen in the third trimester. This tends to occur in 1 out of every 200 pregnancies and can be caused by many different reasons and there are a few different types. Placenta previa can be a very scary diagnosis for a pregnant mom but knowing what to look for, seeking medical treatment early and complying with doctors’ orders mothers can still have a very healthy baby.
Placenta moves as the womb stretches and grows during pregnancy. Early in pregnancy it is very normal for the placenta to be low in the womb, but as pregnancy progresses, the placenta moves to ...view middle of the document...

A large retrospective cohort study that included 1580 women with placenta previa shows that Asian women, followed by African American women, had a higher prevalence of placenta previa than Caucasian women. When controlling for potential confounders such as maternal age, multiple gestations and prior cesarean delivery, Asian and African American women were still significantly more likely to have a pregnancy complicated by placenta previa, compared to Caucasian women (Kim, Caughtney, Laguardia, & Escobar, 2011). If these studies are accurate this can help women of those racial groups be more proactive about way to identify placenta previa and ensure that they have a safe pregnancy. Other studies are being done to see if alcohol consumption during pregnancy is a contributing factor to placenta previa. According to the Maternal & Child Health Journal, there is an elevated risk of placental abruption but not placenta previa among women who consumed alcohol during pregnancy (Aliya, et al., 2010). This study also showed data demonstrating that alcohol consumption during pregnancy is decreasing there are still many pregnant women that do not abstain from drinking alcohol and this can lead to many other complications and birth defects. It is our responsibility as nurses to educate women on the risks of drinking during pregnancy and get the mother help if needed.
Placenta previa is a very serious condition and can be deadly to mom and baby if not monitored closely. The easiest way to diagnose this condition is with an ultrasound. Once diagnosed the doctor may recommend a few different measures to keep mom and baby safe. Reducing activity would be the first way to reduce risk to the mother and baby. Other ways include bed rest and pelvic rest. Pelvic rest means...

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