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Putting Beliefs About Racism Into Action

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Putting Beliefs About Racism into Action

"Christians have always taught that God's love and salvation are
freely available to all people and all racial groups." In the gospel
of John, it records that Jesus died on the cross because God loved the
whole world (John 3:16). Also, Jesus talks about the Second Coming
"And this gospel of the Kingdom will be preached to the whole world as
a testimony to all nations and then the end will come." By this Jesus
meant that when all nations accept each other; no racism, only then
will the Second Coming happen. So therefore the Church and ourselves
are to except all races.

During WW2 the Protestant churches joined together to form the
Reichstag church under Hitler's rule. They believed that God was
bringing a new world order through them i.e. the Aryan race; blonde
hair, blue eyes, fair skin: the perfect race. And therefore weren't
accepting all racial and ethnic groups. But there were some people who
were opposed to these ideas, one of these people was Dietrich
Bonhoeffer. He preached pacifism (doesn't believe in going to war) and
non-violent protests against Hitler. He provided false papers like
passports so that Jews could escape. He also revised his pacifist
views and joined a group of Christians who were planning to
assassinate Hitler. This was a bad of putting his beliefs forward, he
would be dictating; forcing his opinion on others which would be
lowering himself to Hitler's level. Bonhoeffer was caught and sent to
a concentration camp, he was then later hung in 1945.

Whereas Martin Luther King never changed or revised his beliefs. He
believed in racial equality for blacks and whites, no segregation and
civil rights for blacks in the USA, but he didn't believe in using
violence to get it. He used peace protests, political speeches, a bus
boycott, civil rights movement and a talk with the US government. Even
though others reacted with violence towards him, he always remained
peaceful. A woman named Rose Parks started off the Bus Boycott.
Normally blacks had to get up off their seats if a white person needed
one; not racial equality. They walked to work instead, it was called
'Walk to freedom', even though black homes were attacked it remained
peaceful. The bus companies were nearly bankrupt so the US government
declared the Alabama bus laws illegal. In 1963 Martin Luther King led
a protest to Washington D.C. were he gave the famous 'I have a dream'
speech. There he talked having a dream were there was no segregation
"Were little black boys and little black girls will hold hands with
little white boys and little white girls" In 1964 he was awarded the

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