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Putting Off Activities Essay

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Everyone is busy. People have many things to do in their daily life related to family, job, recreation, sport, health, etc. However, in doing their activities, some people have problem in giving priority. They are confused in choosing the most important thing to do first. It causes a consequence that they put off till tomorrow what they should do today. This paper focuses at the factors, impacts and solutions of putting off activities.
People are sometimes distracted by other activities they find more interesting. In their daily life, people have some activities they like and some activities they do not like which are usually important for their viability. It can be activities given by parents and neighbor when they ask a help, or even by their jobs to gain their money. These important activities are sometimes excluded by interesting activities. It means that people tends to choose the interesting activities first rather than important ones. When the new activities are more interesting than the important activities, people will automatically delay their recent activity because the deadline of the recent activity is not at the same day. They can enjoy the new activities and forget about the recent activities for a while because they need to refresh their mind about those activities. However, it makes them forget that they have some important activities to do first.
Indeed, putting off activities has some impacts. The first impact is the time management. If people put off their activities, they have to do the activities near the deadline of the works as the consequence. They usually should finish their works at any cost. In this case, people have to reduce or even remove their time to have fun before the deadline. The most extreme thing is that they do not sleep for a night to finish the works. It is because they...

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