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Plagiarism: The Problem Of Cheating Your Way Through

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Plagiarism is an illegal form of copying, it is when you take work that someone else has done and calling it your own. Plagiarism is illegal, and is unfair to the author who actually took the time to write it. Plagiarism, even if on accident is still stealing work from others. By plagiarizing you are not only hurting the people around you, but you are also hurting yourself because by plagiarizing you aren’t learning anything for yourself. People who plagiarize don’t only hurt themselves, they also hurt the people around them, like their classmates and the school they attend.

There are many forms of plagiarism, some examples are taking paragraphs from articles or book and including them in your paper without using proper citations. Cutting and pasting material from the Internet into your paper without citing your sources. Turning in the same paper for more than one assignment. Taking important ideas from sources and including into your paper as if you thought it up. Buying a paper from a commercial source and submitting it as your own, taking a paper from a classmate, friend, sibling, or anyone else and submitting it as if you wrote it. Also letting someone write some or all of your paper.

Turning in a plagiarized paper is unfair to the other students who actually did their work. It isn’t fair to the people who actually work hard to get good grades for you to turn in a paper that you didn’t do and get the same or even a better grade than them. Also when you turn in something that is plagiarized you can lose the trust and respect that your classmates and teachers have for you. By turning in a paper like this your teachers may lose their trust in you and may not believe anything you tell them because they think that they can’t trust you anymore.

When you plagiarize you are cheating without learning anything. When teachers give you assignments, they are giving them to you so that you can learn something from it, but if you plagiarize you don’t learn anything because it...

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