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Plagiarism: A Learning Experience Essay

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Black Law Dictionary say, “The dictionary defines plagiarism as “The act of appropriating the literary composition of another, or parts or passages of his writings, or the ideas or language of the same, and passing them off as the product of one’s own mind”. (Black). Several things are wrong with plagiarism. We have learned that you have to take ownership of your mistake after committing plagiarism. We learn the procedures and what the consequences are for plagiarism. People can get into serious trouble for plagiarizing someone else’s work.
I am very sorry that I plagiarized. I am writing this paper because I have learned that it is wrong and there are serious problems that follow. I ...view middle of the document...

An individual’s reputation is one of their most valuable assets and should be treasured throughout your life. Students can be suspended or expelled from school. It can be so serious that it can cause a student to not be able to attend a college anywhere. Plagiarizing someone else’s work can also cause some hardship with your career choice. Not only can it destroy an academic reputation, but it can destroy your future opportunities in the professional world. An employer would find an individual untrustworthy if it was discovered that they had committed plagiarism. Ithenticate says, “Once scarred with plagiarism allegations, an academic career can be ruined.” (Inthenticate) If we are not careful we can lose so much.
Penalties at Baylor:
“They receive a 0 on the work in question.
They are suspended, most often for two or three days. The length depends largely on the student's behavior before the Honor Council; truthfulness and contrition are appropriate when the evidence is compelling. Ordinarily the student misses a day of school for the first day of suspension (and receives a 0 on all work that day). Remaining days are "reverse suspension"; students serve these during the next vacation. Students who are convicted of plagiarism also receive specific final warning and will suffer expulsion if they are convicted of a further honor offense.” (Baylor School).

Again, this is a very serious thing and should not be taken lightly. We learn...

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