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Plagiarism A Severe Threat To The Society

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Plagiarism - A Severe Threat to the Society

Every day throughout the world, teachers strive to attain the most from their students in every aspect of life, from effective communication and language skills, to the development of individualism and the concept of being the best that you could be. With the use of exams, class discussions, and written assignments, educators subconsciously reinforce the idea that success can only be achieved from within, with personal expression and dedication to each and every task faced in modern existence. The world, as we see it today, has not evolved by people copying one another’s ideas. It has evolved from the willingness of individuals to step up and make their intentions known, to bring about new ideas and concepts to forever change the environment in which we live. All too often, though, due to stress, insufficient time allowance, or just plain laziness, people take the quickest and most unproblematic approach to getting work done, in turn, failing to play their part in society’s evolution by retaining individual ideas and viewpoints.

For centuries, plagiarism has been a major stumbling block in the pathway for academic success. Plagiarism, as defined, means “to steal and pass off the ideas or words of another as one's own". It has existed in one form or another since the advent of time, with individuals copying the work of others to propel themselves forward in their own education or professional work field. The problem is magnified significantly in today’s society as we live in a high speed world where all of the information that you could possibly need is at the convenience of your fingertips.

"Across the United States, universities -- and even in some cases, high schools -- are getting increasingly nervous about the potential for cheating from the Internet. Once, in the days when computers took up a mere floor in the science building, cheating students often looked for illicit help from old tests tucked away in fraternity houses. Now, however, students can plagiarize from their laptops, pointing and clicking their way into a term paper treasure trove."1

With the invention of the internet, people no longer have to leave the convenience of their own homes. Any form of shopping, for food, supplies, or entertainment, can be done in your living room with product delivery in less than twenty-four hours. The need to be out of the house and at the office on time is eliminated, as many of the tasks can be accomplished on your personnel home computer, without even stepping out of the door. Entertainment is also readily available as music, television shows, feature movies, and live performances can be downloaded and viewed in a matter of minutes. As for education, some universities have already implemented distance learning programs in which both reading and written assignments are carried out through the computer and forwarded back to the university to be...

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