Plagiarism Is Morally And Ethically Wrong

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Ethnics of Plagiarism
What do you do when you get a five-page paper due next week or even a month from the assigned date? Do you work on the assignment as soon as you get it or put it off until the night that it’s due? Most high school and college students hold off until that night to work on the paper, while others will work on it as soon as they are out of class or out of school for the day. Waiting until the last minute will cut some time in putting the thought and hard work of the grade that you may deserve. Most will copy and paste certain material just to get it done faster. However, this act of taking and passing it off as one's own and also not citing the source is called ...view middle of the document...

There are many steps of disciplinary actions taken to charge a student with plagiarism. (West Virginia University, Article IIIb). Even across country in California, University of California, Los Angeles they have the same guidelines as West Virginia colleges and universities. However, the only difference is that University of California, Los Angeles, has multiple disciplinary actions, but not limited to warnings, expulsion from the university and community service. (UCLA)
Statistics of Plagiarism in High Schools and Universities / Colleges
As stated before, many students in high school and colleges do plagiarize in their school work. Even though most students do know the consequences that are in affect at their school, college, university many still are dishonest about the work they submit to their professors. Your roommate could be one of the statistics.
The Josephson Institute Center for Youth Ethics surveyed 43,000 high school students in public and private schools and found that 59% of high school students admitted cheating on a test during the last year. 34% self-reported doing it more than two times. ("Facts & Stats," 2014) That’s a lot of students that are being dishonest about their work. Just think about how many high school students shouldn’t have their high school diploma because they plagiarized and were...

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