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“Plagiarism Lines Blur For Students In Digital Age”, By Trip Gabriel: A Concept Analysis

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The debate on Plagiarism is one that remains constant. Whether it is done unknowingly or with intent, the result is the same. It affects everyone. The impact it has in today’s society, mainly in the work of students, prompts the interest of both experts and students alike. What is Plagiarism? In the article, it is using words that one did not originally write in their own work without properly citing where the information came from. I will analyze the concept of plagiarism in the article “Plagiarism Lines Blur for Students in Digital Age”, by Trip Gabriel. My focus is his ability in conveying the views of both educators and students, and what plagiarism means to them.
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In another instance, anthropologist Susan Blum, who conducted research on plagiarism in college culture, “contends that undergraduates are less interested in cultivating a unique and authentic identity …than in trying on many different personas” (Gabriel). She conducted research on 234 Notre Dame student writers to support her argument, and while it is a valid argument, it is not complete. Surely, students from other colleges would beg to differ. The writing of students in one school should not be used to judge the majority of students everywhere else. A similar view to Blum’s, is that of Donald J. Dudley, who oversees a discipline office. His claim is that students intentionally copied and “were unwilling to engage the writing process” (qtd. in Plagiarism Lines). These are views that paint students as lazy and unwilling to put in time and effort in their writing. While both have basis, there is not enough concession to the fact that there are students who aim to do the right thing but for whatever means comes off as plagiarism. This could be due to the lack of proper preparation in an earlier time or even a personal challenge in learning the methods.
In similar fashion to the views of educators in the article, students also have varying notions of what plagiarism is. In the article, Gabriel offers the opinion of a senior at Indiana University by the name of Sarah Wilensky. She stated, “It may be increasingly accepted, but there are still plenty of creative people” and goes on to say, “we’re left only to make collages of the...

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