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Plan For Completing The Dissertation Essay

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The purpose of this discussion post is to describe my plan for completing the dissertation, including my timetable for completing and celebrating particular milestone.
I am a big procrastinator, and the course video mentions the importance to sticking to a regular schedule to complete the dissertation (Laureate Education, Inc., 2012). To help me with that, I plan to use Microsoft Outlook to schedule time into my daily schedule to work on my dissertation and set tasks on what to work on it. I plan to work on my dissertation for two to three hours on Monday-Thursday and at least an hour on Friday-Sunday. Synching my Microsoft Outlook calendar with both my phone and iPad mini allows me to ...view middle of the document...

Dissertation Step Task Target Deadline Status
Step 1: Committee Formation and Prospectus Development Send my premise and completed Committee Nomination Form to obtain a chair. By end of April2 014 DONE
• Receive notification from the OSRA that the committee member was approved by your program director. By May 201 4 DON E
Find a second member for my committee, a the methodologi st By end of June 20 14
• Receive notification from the OSRA that the committee member was approved by your program director. By end of June 2 014
Finalize Pre mise By end of July 2014 Drafted, but may undergo more revision when seeking second committee me mber
Finalize Prospectus, , such that it meets all the quality indicators on the Prospectus
Dissertation Rubric, and submit to your committee for review. By end of August 2014 Drafted in HLTH 8550, Prospectus course, may undergo several revi sions
Step 2: Proposal Development and Approval Process Work with my committee to complete your Dissertation Proposal (the first three
chapters), using the Dissertation Checklist and
PhD Dissertation Template (6th ed.), By end of December 2014
Step 3: IRB Approval Process and Data Colle ction Complete IRB applic ation By end of January 2015
Conduct my ...

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