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Planning is the process in which an organization envisions its mission and develops the necessary steps to achieve that mission. Of the four management functions, planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, planning is the most important. Planning can be short term or long term. Managers use short-term plans on a daily basis because they are easier to achieve than long-term plans. Companies use long-term plans when plan for long-range vision (Pfeiffer 12-18)
In both methods of planning, short term and long term it is necessary to achieve top-notch results. Like in any other process, there are both benefits and pitfalls to planning. Good planning provides a clear focus for the company, raises effort, increases persistence, and develops task strategies. In the first benefit of planning, important members focus on what is important in order to achieve the planned outcome. The second benefit of planning increases effort in the execution process. A plan-oriented company gives a greater energy in a specific project situation than a company that is not plan oriented. Adding to this advantage, the effort helps reduce time waste and maximizes productivity. The third benefit of planning is persistence. Persistence is important in achieving a goal and becoming successful; persistence is the willingness to continue a task regardless of changes in a plan. In the fourth benefit of planning, planners are encouraged to contribute with their ideas and participate in the goal process at any time. Despite the benefits of planning, the process of planning can also have its disadvantages. The main disadvantage of planning is the members’ misconception that planning solves problems. Because of their misconception, planners rely on opinions rather than facts. In an established plan, all members in the organization need to be aware that obstacles may occur during the planning process. Many companies become so committed to achieving their goal that they fail to recognize the obstacles in their plan. The lack of flexibility and creativity in a plan can significantly affect an organization’s purpose (Pfeiffer 20-37)
Another step of a good planning is the goal setting process. A correctly used goal setting process can help turn a company’s vision into a reality. By precisely knowing what to achieve, members focus more on what is important in the goal setting process. Goals require flexibility; if there is no flexibility added to the process, goals would soon provide no reason at all. One way of setting an effective and achievable goal is to follow the S.M.A.R.T guideline. The S.M.A.R.T guideline is an important component in a goal setting process; it is a useful tool in planning (Essential Goal Setting Guidelines for Time Management). The acronym stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Clear and specific goals are easier to accomplish than common goals because they contain a specific purpose that clearly defines the goal. In addition to...

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