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When I stepped into the large neatly organized white polished plane, I never though something would go wrong. I woke up and found myself on an extremely hot bright sunny desert island filled with shiny soft bright green palm trees containing rough bright yellow hard felt juicy apples. The simple strong plane I was in earlier shattered into little pieces of broken glass and metal when crashing onto the wet slimy coffee colored sand and burning with red orange colored flames. After my realization to this heart throbbing incident I began to run pressing my eight inch footsteps into the wet squishy slimy light brown sand looking in every direction with my wide open eyes filled with confusion in search of other survivors. After finding four other survivors we began moving our small petite weak legs fifty inches from the painful incident. Reaching our destination which was a tiny space filled with dark shade blocking the extreme heat coming from the bright blue sky, I felt my eyelids slowly moving down my light colored hazel eyes and found myself in a dream. I was awakened the next day from a grumbling noise coming from my empty stomach.
My pale, toned long shapely legs swiveled through the dry hard burning hot sand to a beautiful lime leaved tree. I saw bright fresh green apples, they were smooth and extremely moist. The juice dripped into my mouth forcing me to taste the mixture of sour and sweetness. As I looked down this long wide rocky path I saw thousands of shimmering apple trees. Stretching my hand I pulled a numerous amounts of fresh apples from the rough dark brown pokey tree branch. Acting as the leader, I grabbed each hand picked apple and placed it in the swollen sweaty palms of each survivor. As a source of water we would walk into the crystal blue cold damp ocean that swished back and fourth. Using our hands as a bowl, we grabbed the water and released it into our dry tasteless mouths feeling refreshment. As I slowly turned my small almond shaped eyes I saw greediness of some survivors and I knew rules needed to be given.
As the glowing bright mustard colored sun arose my bright pink chapped lips began to move. I began setting rules such as everybody needs to help each other, they need to be fair and not greedy with the food or resources, everybody needs to help on any project that we do to get rescued. You cannot go past the tenth apple tree until we run out of food and lastly if any of the rules are broken you will not be able to have any food for the day. As I slowly moved my head in a clockwise...

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