Plane Crash Case Study

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Plane Crash-Case StudyThree of my closest friends and I take off from San Juan, Puerto Rico, heading for a down island on a flight expected to last 1.5 hours. The commuter plane is propeller powered and seats 8. The pilot keeps us informed during the trip. The pilot tells us that a tropical storm made an unforeseen shift in our direction and may interfere with the flight path. The pilot then decides to adjust for the storm. One hour into the flight a localized storm develops. Lightening hits the plane and partially disables it. The pilot attempts an emergency landing.My friends and I wake up to the following scenario: We were physically okay, and on the beach of a small island. The plane, partially submerged offshore, is incapacitated both mechanically and electrically. The pilot and co-pilot are dead. The small island we are on is about a mile from a larger landmass across the water. The island we are on contains vegetation.Other than being a bit shaken up, we were in a panic state of mind. I decided it was time for me to take charge of the situation. I reminded everyone that last we heard a tropical storm was heading in our direction. We all then realized that we needed to come up with a plan of what we needed to do to survive until we can get rescued.We knew that when the lightening had hit the plane the pilot never sent a "mayday". He was too busy trying to control the aircraft and the co-pilot was knocked unconscious from the shock. Right away an idea came to mind while I was brainstorming. I knew one of my friends was very good with electronics so we needed to attempt to get the radio from the plane and any other available items that we might find useful.Although the plane was partially submerged offshore, it was only about 100 feet from shore. We were also lucky that we were able to don life jackets before the plane had crashed. We all agreed that someone needed to swim out to it a start gathering anything we could from inside the plane. The water was a bit choppy, but we had to believe that the weather was only going to get worse before it was going to get better, so we decided to each swim out towards the plane. The water was only around four to five feet deep so we didn't have to tread water. I knew one of my friends was a very strong swimmer so we voted that he swim all the way out to the plane. The rest up us swam out 25 feet apart. One of us went 25 feet out and then someone else went 50 feet out, then 75 feet, and then the plane. This way we could make a chain and hand items off to each other while unloading from bringing stuff to shore. When the person who made it out to the plane got there he noticed that there was a life raft in a compartment on the plane. So he pulled the cord to inflate the life raft and then started to unload items from the plane. Once all of the items were unloaded from the plane we all pulled the full life raft back to shore to inventory what we got.Once we got to shore we began to evaluate the items...

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