Planet Daiban, Capital Planet Of The Galactic Federation

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Samus Aran sits in an almost empty room in an office building on the planet Anadyr V. A glowlamp provides the only light in the room, a small aurora near the northwest side of the room. She stares into a HoloVision, watching the recent news. A Galactic Federation cruiser, Nova Lord, has gone missing in the Tetra Galaxy, near the outskirts of the planet Arcterra in the Alimbic Cluster. The last known contact was three days ago, with Federation Commando Ron Wyatt issuing a distress signal, indicating the mysterious faction known as Crimson Hunters was responsible. However, even though the faction is well known, the leader is unknown to anyone but Crimson Hunters members, as prisoners captured by the faction have never made it out alive to date.
Tired, the veteran shuts off the HoloVision and staggers over to a desk, where she sits down on a metal hoverchiar. She rotates the chair and stares out into the Anadyr V skyline. The city is like a machine; never ceasing at any time, constantly moving, and can only be truly disrupted if the planet were to be invaded by an enemy faction. The planet itself was neutral; it refused to become part of the Federation or the Hunters. Instead, it wished to assist all by providing a means of industrial operations for both parties. However, to avoid an all-out conflict, The Treaty of Anadyr outlined the fact that if any conflict were to arise, the aggressors would be severely punished economically. The treaty had been heeded for the majority of time; however it was nearly broken by a conflict shortly before the Gorea Crisis one year earlier.
A loud beeping noise interrupts Samus’ thought process. The veteran swings around in her chair to face a blackened figure, concealed among the shadows of the room. The figure, known as Sar Ilven, was a profitable businessman working on Anadyr V, known for illegal weapons trading among the Federation territories, and also for running a shady mining operation on the planet SR388, planet where one of Aran’s major missions took place.
“Greetings, dear Aran. I trust your life is well? I can’t see how anyone could stop that menace known as Gorea, let alone you.”
“Can it, Ilven. The last thing I need is some dumbshit businessman advertising the latest shit weapons on the market. I especially don’t want anything that attracts a horde of Metroids, like that failed Derrilum Trioxide. Which all of your weapons probably do-“ Aran retorted.
“SILENCE! That’s better. Now, where were we before that outburst? Ah. Yes, I have something to share with you. And I guarantee that it will shock you even greater than the Shock Coil weapon.” Ilven says menacingly.
“If you’re here to tell me you’ve recreated the Omega Cannon, then you can seriously fuck off right now.” Aran snaps.
“No. I know the leader of the Crimson Hunters, the cruel faction that captured the crew of the Nova Lord three days ago.” Ilven replies with calmness.
“Go on.”
“The leader of the Crimson Hunters is a cruel...

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