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Planet Fitness is Barren and Counterproductive
New Year’s Eve is the one night where drunk people decide to drastically change their lifestyle. All the bad habits that are embedded in their daily routine seem to magically disappear, and a new inspired, motivated self is born. Even after crazy night with only snap memories of what actually happened, people manage to wake up determined, ready to conquer all of their new resolutions. Ironically, this is time of year is when gym facilities and workout programs take advantages of individuals who are embarking on new fitness journeys. Planet Fitness gives the impression that it caters for individuals who are new to the fitness world, by providing a safe and a judgment free zone. In reality, Planet Fitness traps their customers in an endless cycle of spending more money and staying a member for a long time, without gaining any meaningful progress.
Planet Fitness stands out from all other monochrome gyms by decorating their gym with a purple and bright yellow color scheme, that illuminates the entire room with sense of an accomplishment, physical comfort and brings forth a burst of confidence. I walk in with my Adidas duffle bag slung over my shoulder. ready for a workout. The huge bucket filled with Tootsie Rolls that sits on the front desk never fails to tempt anyone, especially those who are new to the healthy lifestyle routine, to eat the one-calorie treat. I always tend to grab a handful on my way in or out, because who does not want free candy? Using my Planet Fitness card, I proceed to check in and make my way to the male locker room. It is customary and convenient to hang car keys on the thumbs up shaped key rack, so one does not misplace it during the workout. There was however, a sign that read, “Planet Fitness is not responsible for any lost items.” above the rack but I felt it was safe to use it, since everyone else was. The moment I entered the locker room I immediately noticed the strong odor that is a blend of sweat, gym socks, and mixtures of cologne and body spray. The locker was also an uproarious place because of the consistent locker slamming sounds. The sound of blow dryers, hot steamy showers and music clash together and camouflage the locker room with white noise. I noticed that eye contact was rarely made amongst strangers inside the locker room. Some socialization occurs around the areas where a television broadcasts sport events. It is amazing how some people can stay longer than they have to, socializing in the humid, and noise filled locker room. I usually change into my gym clothes as quick I can before I catch glimpses of older, naked bodies walking around.
The lack of nutrition guidance by Planet Fitness indicates that they do not care about what their members consume because they can come to gym immediately afterwards to work off the calories. “As a thank you to our members we’re offering free pizza every first Monday of the month and bagels every first Tuesday...

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