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Planned Extermination Essay

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Genocide is occurring in America and no one is stepping in to stop it. The black community is under attack and our babies are the voiceless victims of this silent slaughter. The genocide is well funded and is deeply rooted in the same racist theology that has oppressed our community for our entire American existence. No longer are we bound by shackles, fitted for a noose, or attacked by mobs; creation extermination has replaced these vile but once all too common acts. The attack on the black race has changed its focus, adapted with society, and relinquished the physical abuse instead adopting a mental approach that has damaged the psyche of our community. You see, the most appalling outcome of this genocide is that we have become the gears that continue to turn its destructive wheels.
Each year more than 470,000 black babies are murdered in this country, accounting for than 17 million death sentences since 1973. (Howard, 2010) Womb lynching is the leading cause of death amongst blacks in America, more than AIDS, violent crimes, cancer and heart disease combined. (CDC, 2008) While only representing 12.5% of the female population in America, black women are accounting for nearly 43% of all abortions. (Ertelt, 2008) One thousand, four hundred fifty two deaths a day from these womb lynching’s and no one is screaming? (Howard, 2010) Not even our nation’s first black President is stepping in to stop this assault. The death totals, staggering as they are don’t speak to the implications these induced abortions are having on our black women. Research shows that black women are at risk for higher rates of premature and extremely premature births because of this abortion rate. These premature births lead to increased chances of cerebral palsy and autism in the black youths that survive. (Ertelt, 2008) Black women in their 40’s who have aborted see their likelihood of breast cancer increase 180% and a whopping 370% increase after the age of 50. (Laing, 1993)
So how did we get here, how has our community turned its back on our religious and family values? Is it because we believe in abortion and woman’s right to choose? If you have ever witnessed a pro-choice rally you know that the answer to these questions is a resounding, no. I don’t recall any marches by black women asking for abortion or demanding these clinics be placed in our neighborhoods. As noted black women represent nearly half of the abortions in America but for some reason are never equally represented at these rallies. Why is this? Why is the largest client base of this industry not standing up and championing its cause? To answer this you have to look at the history surrounding the largest abortion provider in the U.S., Planned Parenthood and its founder Margaret Sanger. (Flaherty, 1992)
Margaret Sanger is heralded by women’s rights groups across the world, seen as a hero to the abortion movement. The organization she founded in 1923, cherishes her image more than any, and issues awards...

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