Planned Parenthood Of Pa V. Casey

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Abortion is a topic that many don’t want to discuss. It’s a very personal decision that many women have to make each day, but in certain states, getting an abortion was becoming an even more difficult process. Not only did women have to decide to get an abortion that alone is a difficult choice, they now had to wait 24 hours, minors had to get consent, and/or inform the father of the child. But after all of this process, what if a woman couldn’t receive all of this? Would she be denied her right to get an abortion? The Supreme Court case, Planned Parenthood of PA v. Casey, wasn’t known for what it did, but mainly for what it did not do, which was not overruling Roe v. Wade, but reaffirming a woman’s right to an abortion; it questioned a state’s right to impose or place an “undue burden” on women.
Planned Parenthood of PA v. Casey was argued on April 22, 1992 and the official decision was reached on June 29, 1992. The case dealt with a couple of “hot topics” including privacy and abortion. At the time, Pennsylvania had made a new abortion control law in 1988 and it was finalized in 1989. This law required all women to get informed consent and wait twenty-four hours before they were allowed to get an abortion. As for minors, they had to also get the consent of one parent/legal guardian and married women had to indicate that her spouse knew about her decision. However, after the provision was made, many physicians as well as abortion clinics challenged it, they did not feel that it was right for the state to have so much power over a woman’s body, when Roe v. Wade, gave a woman a right to an abortion. Soon after all the commotion of the case, a federal appeals court decided to uphold all requirements except they decided to get rid of the husband notification part (“Planned Parenthood of PA v. Casey. “The Oyez Project””)
In 1992, abortion rates were rising. In this statistic: out of 112 pregnancies that occurred per 1,000 United States women, age ranging from 15-19, 61 gave birth, 36 had abortions, and 15 had miscarriages. African American teenagers’ rates of pregnancies were two to three times more than Caucasian teenagers. As for Hispanics, their rates were in between those of African American teenagers and Caucasian teenagers (“Teenage Abortion and Pregnancy”). At the time, abortion was a highly protested and strict religious groups protested frequently. There are two views for abortion; Pro-Life believes that women should not be able to get an abortion and Pro-Choice believes that women should have her choice in the decision, hers alone. The basic reasoning of Pro-Life groups are that the cost of abortion is high, the embarrassment of getting an abortion could lead to harmful backstreet abortions, an unborn baby is still a human life, and that in the Bible it says that there is a, “Sanctity of human life” ("PROLIFE: 10 Arguments"). Whereas Pro-Choice groups think that religious input has no foundation or place in law. They also take into...

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