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Countries:1. Ireland- Dublin2. United Kingdom- London3. Netherlands- Amsterdam4. France- Paris5. Italy- Rome6. Spain- MadridTravel Plans:Airline:Flight to Dublin, Ireland from SLC, UtahFlight return from Madrid, Spain to SLC, UtahDates- Leave and Return Sept. 22- Oct. 14Price of Airline Ticket Round Trip $980.55Ground Transportation:Car:Company- Auto EuropeNumber of day- 4Total Price- $173.81Train:Type of Ticket- Global PassPrice- $469Ferry:Dublin to LiverpoolPrice-$145.71London to AmsterdamPrice-$42.68Check into Isaacs Hostel in Dublin for 4 nights pay $119Visit Kilmainham Gaol Historical Museum- Former Irish prison, many leaders of Irish rebellions imprisoned and executed in the jail. It is now a museum of history of Irish nationalism. [[HISTORICAL]]See the Dodder River- Flows from Wicklow Mountains through suburbs of Dublin then enters into the river Liffey. [[GEOGRAPHIC]]See the Liffey River- Flows through center of Dublin. Used for trade. [[GEOGRAPHIC]]Go to Temple Bar- Area in central Dublin, major tourist nightlife spot, location of many Irish cultural institutions. [[PERSONAL]]Go back to Isaacs HostelDay 3- Get up and leave Isaacs HostelVisit Christ Church Cathedral- Known as the cathedral of the most holy trinity, contains largest cathedral crypt. Mummified cat and mouse found. It has been recently renovated. [[HISTORICAL]]Go to Dublin Bay- A delta shaped inlet of the Irish Sea off the east coast of Ireland. [[GEOGRAPHIC]]Go to Stephen's Green- Located in heart of Dublin, over a hundred shopping outlets. [[PERSONAL]]Go back to hostelDay 4- Leave hostelVisit Collins Barracks- Former military barracks now national museum of Ireland decorative arts and history. [[HISTORICAL]]Visit Trinity College- One of 7 ancient universities in English speaking world. Trinity is the highest ranked college in Ireland. [[HISTORICAL]]The Book of Kells- Ornately illustrated manuscript produced by Celtic Monks. The Book of Kells contains four gospels of the bible in Latin. It is on display at the Trinity College. [[PERSONAL]]Return to hostelDay 5- Leave hostelVisit National Gallery of Ireland- Houses the Irish national collection of Irish and European art. It is located in the center of Dublin. Contains European art collections dating from the 14th to the 20th centuries. [[HISTORICAL]]Go to Wicklow Mountains- Range of mountains in southeast Ireland. Wicklow Mountains run in a north-south direction. Many different types of recreation. Has many high peaks with the highest being 3,035 ft, also has many rivers running from them. [[GEOGRAPHIC]]Go to Dublin Writers Museum- The Museum was made to make people interested in Irish literature. The writers featured in the Museum are those who have made an important contribution to Irish or international literature or, on a local level, to the literature of Dublin. [[PERSONAL]]Go to Dublin Castle- Major Irish governmental complex, well-preserved 13th-century castle once served as the seat of the Irish monarchy....

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