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Given that the purpose of this paper is to identify and explore the processes of tourism planning in government sustainability policies and planning and their subsequent effectiveness, a qualitative approach was employed. The study used the non-probability sampling design to collect data from tourism local authorities and agencies. As Kelley, Clark, Brown, & Sitzia (2003) rightly observed the purposive sampling technique was found to be adequate and appropriate for such a survey research. In view of the facts given above, the purposive sampling method was adopted. Interview guides and questionnaires were the instruments used for data collection. The interviews and questionnaire administration was made to local authorities government tourism agencies (MTENR/ZAWA/ZEMA), local Community-Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM), and consultants. In addition institutions related to the Zambian tourism industry were also contacted for requisite information and data. To be able to capture a significant number of tourism planners in the population sample, data was collected from tourism agencies at the Lusaka Ministry of Tourism Environment Natural and Resources, Zambia Wildlife Authority in Lusaka’s Chilanga headquarters, Zambia Tourism Board Lusaka and Regional Local ZAWA branch in Livingstone (Mosi-oa-Tunya) area.Local Livingstone greater area communities leaders of Community Resources Boards (CBR) agencies and popular lodges, tourism enterprises and guesthouses in Livingstone form the local community. The research was conducted from the month of November 2012 until, April, 2013. A total of 85 questionnaires were filled in for this particular study, 9 in-depth face to face interviews were carried out with persons involved in the policy making process and the implementation of tourism related plans.
In view of the facts given above, the purposive sampling technique was found to be adequate and appropriate because there was no sample frame of all respondents. Since it was an exploratory study, the rationale of the data collection was to ascertain the planning process in the case of tourism planning processes might be better described and explained, and applying this in sustainability framework for the case of Zambia’s Livingstone greater area. For the interviews, a list was prepared prior to the fieldwork for those identified as key actors in the planning process, to be...

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