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Planning A Experiment/Educational Curriculum Essay

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HypothesisTo test a new reading program created by Educational Curriculum Company (E-Z). The testing will determine if the program is effective in teaching children to read. Class A teacher has less experience then Class B teacher who has over 20 years teaching children. The prediction is that a teacher with less experience lack the knowledge of implementing and having effective resolves in teaching children on to read.ParticipantsDesert Mountain Elementary SchoolClass A- Miss JonesClass B- Mrs. BrownExperimental GroupClass A will have testing after lunchClass B will have testing early morning when they arrive to school.Class A will be given 6 weeks to prepare for the testing. They will have the opportunity to take a book in bag home each night to read to their parents. Parents will sign off that their child has completed the reading. If the reading has not been completed, the child will have to take two books home the next day to be read to the parents and they must sign that they listen to their child read.Class B will also be given 6 weeks to prepare for the testing. They will have two days a week where they will be offer extended learning from 3:20pm - 4:30pm, Monday and Thursdays. The extended learning will provide one on one help in reading and comprehension. The Class B will be given materials that will test them after each story has been read on their understanding of the readings. If a child fails to understand, what they have read extra help will be provided. Class B will also...

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